Kimberly is a communications professional and writer juggling work, family, and life. Figuratively, she wears many hats - but, being a Mommy to her two boys, Trey & Matthew, is numero uno. Literally, she's writing her own story - while sharing others' stories, too. Fueled by coffee and wine, Kimberly is always planning her family's next getaway.

Working Out, Inside: Online Exercise Classes for San Antonio Moms

As some of us begin to “stay home, work safe” to keep ourselves healthy, we’ll undoubtedly be spending a lot more time indoors. And, while I’m extremely grateful for my job and the privilege...
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Spring Break Staycation: San Antonio Hotels Your Kids Will Love

Spring Break is upon us. We’ve made it to mid-March, and although it seems like we just wrapped up Christmas break, here we are again, planning and plotting ways to keep our kids occupied...

5 Ways to Practice Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about love and how we share it. Love can present itself in many forms – in relationships with God, friends, spouses, and children, to name a few. When...

San Antonio’s Top Kid-Friendly Restaurants

Let’s be honest for a minute. Dining out with children in tow can be, well, interesting. But, it doesn’t have to be impossible! In fact, with the right setting, it can be downright enjoyable...

Slow Down, Mama—and Read a Book!

Hey mama, slow down—and consider reading a book! If you’re like me, you long to read for leisure. Maybe you daydream about creating or joining a book club, screenshot the latest “must read” on...
school supply drives in san antonio

Lend a Helping Hand: School Supply Drives in San Antonio

Ah, back to school. For many, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Backpacks are purchased; summer reading books are (almost?) complete; the aisles of every store in town are bursting with pencils,...

Summer Survival: 3 Kid-friendly, Make-ahead Breakfast Ideas

Reality check: we’re halfway through the summer. Phew! And by this point we’re all tired of answering the infamous “can I have another snack?” question. Seriously, though, how do these tiny humans eat. so....

Mommy Labels: Let’s Lose Them

Ladies, I have a proposition: let’s lose the labels. I’m not talking about the designer variety, although I love a good designer label. I’m talking about mommy labels. You know the type, right? "Working...