Birthday Freebies for Your Kids!

Who doesn’t love to celebrate a birthday? Since my children were about five years old, their birthday celebrations have usually been a family dinner on the actual date and then a birthday party of sorts for them on a close weekend. But my kids love to keep that celebration going, and I love a freebie when I can get it! So I’ve always signed up my two kiddos for birthday freebies. As they get older, these freebies have changed. Sometimes businesses change their policies and sometimes I just discover something new that fits my kids age. I keep it easy for me by choosing a freebie that I already know my kids love and that it is a location that I already frequent. Here are a few ideas of freebies that my kids have enjoyed and businesses that they enjoy.

Baskin Robbins

When you sign up for Baskin Robbins rewards, your child will receive a free scoop of ice cream on their birthday. But don’t forget to sign yourself up as this offer is not limited to kids! This one has been a family favorite and our family of four all enjoy our celebratory ice cream each year.


This Georgia based chain has recently moved into San Antonio and my kids love it! When you register your child for the Zax Kidz Club, he or she will receive a Free Cookie Card for joining and a Free Kidz Meal Card on their birthday. Kids must be 10 years of age and under to join.

Barnes and Noble Kids’ Club

When you register your child for this Kids Club, they will get a cupcake at the B&N Cafe. This offer is limited to children under ten years old. I love this offer because then I get to go browsing around all those books! Of course, my kids have learned that it’s not too hard to twist mom’s arm to get them a book to go along with that cupcake!

Chuck E. Cheese

I still have a child who enjoys Chuck E. Cheese and all of those games! If you sign up to be a Reward Member there are quite a few perks. Parents can sign up children under the age of 13 and they will receive a half birthday reward and another at your child’s actual birthday. Rewards vary but are in the form of free tokens, game time, and personal size pizzas.


Sign up for either of the two Birthday Clubs at Journeys and Journey Kids. This store caters to teens and younger kids with its shoes and accessories. This offer varies, but it has been a 15% off coupon and an in-store offer. This might be a good one to save after the kids have gotten their birthday money and it is burning a hole in their pocket. The Journeys Birthday Club is for ages 13 and over. The Journey Kids Birthday Club is for those younger kids.

Jamba Juice

If your teen likes their smoothies, Jamba Juice has a birthday club for them. This is for those 13 and older. A small smoothie or juice is the birthday freebie. This is definitely a win in my book because Jamba Juice is so much healthier than most of the other drinks my kids like to consume.


Sephora offers its Beauty Insider rewards program that might be a perfect fit for your teenage daughter. If you sign up, you get a free gift on your birthday that might be a nail polish or maybe a lipstick. Since this is for ages 13 and up, Mom, go ahead and sign yourself up!

Nothing Bundt Cake

Sign up for the email club to receive a birthday coupon for a FREE Bundtlet Cake. You can enjoy this gift 7 days before or after your birthday. This is for those 13 and over. I like this because I usually save the actual big birthday cake for the weekend party, but we can use this cute, little cake to blow out candles on their actual birthday.

A little something special I look forward to every year for myself is the Starbucks Birthday Reward for Starbucks Rewards Member. It is redeemable only on the actual day of your birthday, however. So make sure to make time for it. The reward is your choice of either a complimentary handcrafted beverage, a complimentary food item or one complimentary ready-to-drink bottled beverage.

These little additional birthday treats and deals just add a little extra to a special day. I appreciate the businesses who do these offers as a little perk for their customers. Know of any additional birthday freebies that kids would love? Comment below so we can all know about those deals!

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