Teresa Urbina

Teresa, moved to San Antonio from her beloved El Paso in 2021, and brings the warm desert vibes wherever she goes. Her heart finds solace in the wild outdoors, be it amidst untamed wilderness, serene waters, or the embrace of Mother Nature herself. When she's not connecting with the elements, you'll find her channeling her creative self, crafting birthday decorations or for holiday celebrations. Teresa is a fierce mama to two energetic boys, born in 2020 and 2023, and she shares life's adventure with her husband, Alec. As a Perinatal Mental Health Therapist, she pours her heart into helping mothers find their strength and resilience. Catch her vibrant life snippets on Instagram, where she shares moments of bliss and insight. Beyond her therapeutic pursuits, Teresa finds joy in peaceful evenings on her patio, dancing in her kitchen with her littles, and going for runs. If you ever need restaurant recommendations, she'll point you to Chris Madrid's, and when it comes to landmarks, the San Fernando Cathedral holds a special place in her heart. But ask her about her favorite San Antonio tradition, and she'll wholeheartedly declare her love for Fiesta!

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