While not born in the Alamo City, Katy moved here at the ripe age of one and eventually became a proud Keystone graduate. She has called San Antonio home since she first arrived, with the exception of the four-year stint spent in Nashville to attend Vanderbilt University. After graduation, she moved back here to serve as the director of marketing for a local law firm. She and her patient husband have three kids: one son (3) and identical twin girls (almost 2). When not working or mothering full-time, she likes to drink wine, read historical fiction, and enjoy some peace and quiet. You can read more about Katy’s busy but very fulfilling life on her blog, A Mom Divided.

Stop Trying to Make It Look Easy

Recently, a dear friend told me that I make my life look easy. She was complimenting me on how I was usually pretty upbeat and that I managed to make a demanding job, three...

10 Things I Am NOT Thankful for

  I would like to preface this post by saying please do not be offended or try to convince me that I need to start being thankful for the things I am about to list....

Parenting 101: How to Turn Circumcision into a Learning Opportunity

Circumcision is a hotly debated issue among parents, and lots of people like to weigh in on the medical, religious, and cultural issues surrounding it. I read about 20 different websites, including the CDC,...

Taking Care of Mommy: Five Things Moms Need to Stop Rushing

I am a checklist kind of person. I enjoy writing down my to-dos and then crossing them off. Recently I bought a notepad called the GSD master list. It stands for "Get Stuff Done,"...

Preschoolers Can Volunteer, Too: A Profile of Snack Paks 4 Kids

One of my greatest challenges as a mom of an almost four-year-old (and the twins, but they don’t really count yet) is trying to show him how blessed we are as a family. I...

21 Ways to Spoil a Grandkid in San Antonio

I have to admit, I pulled the idea for this post from one of my favorite blogs, Mommy Shorts, and I am not sure if Ilana’s post was old or new, but it had...

The Story Behind My Child’s Eye Patch

This is my first post for Alamo City Moms Blog, and I’ll admit I was a little bit overwhelmed by the ideas floating around in my head. On my own blog, I usually just...