Taking Care of Mommy: Five Things Moms Need to Stop Rushing

I am a checklist kind of person. I enjoy writing down my to-dos and then crossing them off. Recently I bought a notepad called the GSD master list. It stands for “Get Stuff Done,” only “Stuff” is actually replaced with a more adult word that I am not allowed to type on this blog. Clink the link to get one for yourself. I love that notepad.

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The problem with lists is that I am constantly rushing from one thing to the next. I feel compelled to get things done as fast as I possibly can. I know lots of posts have been written on how we need to stop rushing our kids, and I totally agree (although I also think that this is not always practical). But here I want to list for you, moms, the things that we as mothers need to stop rushing for ourselves:

1. Morning coffee (it’s tea for me, but you know what I mean)ACMB 014
Take 10 minutes to just sit and enjoy. I cannot tell you how many times I have rushed out the door and left my tea steeping on my counter or how many times I drink a lukewarm version of my favorite beverage. Stop it. Sit down and enjoy, even if you have to do it in your car or in your bathroom with the door locked (like I often do). The greatest luxury of being a working mom is that you can enjoy a second cup in the quiet of your office.

2. Quiet time
I am a Christian, and one of the things I am called to do is spend some time studying the Word. I try to pick up Jesus Calling FIRST THING and read it SLOWLY. I have to fight to keep myself from checking emails, my calendar, or—let’s face it—social media to read His word, but it is so worth it. If you aren’t a Christian, just allow yourself 10 minutes in the morning to take a breath and calmly think about the day ahead. It will change your outlook.

3. Phone calls
In this fast-paced world, having a friend call you on the phone is such a treat! Ninety-nine percent of my communication with friends takes place via text, email, or social media, so a phone call is awesome. Take time to LISTEN to your friend when she calls. Stop rushing to get to the end of the story or your next appointment. Just enjoy listening to another woman who took the time to call you, and count your blessings.

4. Time with your husband
Last Friday is a perfect example: We got out of our offices a little early and had exactly one hour to ourselves to catch up on life before our babysitter left for the day. I spent 53 minutes of that hour looking at my watch and trying to squeeze in two glasses of wine so that we could make it home on time. I know my husband was talking to me about something, but I was so focused on not being late that I didn’t really listen. Don’t make this mistake. ENJOY your time together. Stop watching the clock!

5. Your nighttime routine
For most moms, this is the time when we are finally free from our duties of the day. I have found myself washing my face, brushing my teeth, applying beauty cream, etc. all as fast as I can so that I can lie down. I encourage each of you to take a little more time with this. I don’t care if you are using Cetaphil and Oil of Olay or the fanciest La Mer products, take some time to take care of yourself. You will relax more fully and be able to reset for the next day.

Just try out one of these things today, and I promise you will feel like you stole a little something for yourself. Trust me—you deserve it!

While not born in the Alamo City, Katy moved here at the ripe age of one and eventually became a proud Keystone graduate. She has called San Antonio home since she first arrived, with the exception of the four-year stint spent in Nashville to attend Vanderbilt University. After graduation, she moved back here to serve as the director of marketing for a local law firm. She and her patient husband have three kids: one son (3) and identical twin girls (almost 2). When not working or mothering full-time, she likes to drink wine, read historical fiction, and enjoy some peace and quiet. You can read more about Katy’s busy but very fulfilling life on her blog, A Mom Divided.


  1. Great reminders and things I will think about during my hectic mornings with my three kids (single and fraternal twins). As a point of note, I am not a Christian but could very easily spend ten minutes reading stories from the Torah, and imagine Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and all the world’s many other religions could spend time doing some kind of religious study or reflection. Just didn’t want to leave them out…

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