Emily lives in the hill country with her husband of over a decade, two young children and an array of animals. Texas has always been home but she loves to escape it( and the heat) frequently. Road trips were the excuse to buy a minivan, even though she still cannot park it in the lines. Emily is passionate about keeping our planet clean and it’s citizens happy, and instilling these values to her children. Happiness for herself is eating good food, playing games and quiet time to read, or at least go to the bathroom alone.

Marriage in Quarantine

As we navigate through these next few weeks, our new routines as a family are and will be constantly changing. We have gotten used to each other, REALLY used to each other. The space...

5 Wheelchair Friendly Spots for Family Fun in San Antonio

Living in San Antonio means that we are blessed with perfect weather for adventurous and fun family outings year-round. Our family, just like thousands in San Antonio, rely on local destinations that are accessible...

A Mom’s Top 5 Tips for Surviving the Flu

Disclaimer: These tips are brought to you by a mom, not a doctor. This does not serve as medical advice. As always, please discus all medications and treatments with your doctor. We began the plight...

Small-Town Holiday Adventures Around San Antonio

If you are like me, you're probably wondering where November went as you summon the strength to pull out the Christmas ornaments and face the shopping craze. The big city tree lightings have already...

An Exceptional In-Law Vacation

My children’s grandparents are the saving grace to our family vacations. Is it always easy? No. Do we always agree? No. Do I get to sit down and enjoy my morning cup of coffee?...

Living with Spina Bifida: In Honor of Spina Bifida Awareness Month

October is a celebration month. We celebrate cooler weather, pumpkin everything, and the start of the holidays. October is equally special in our home because we celebrate Spina Bifida Awareness month. For us it...

Incorporating Literacy: Where to Find Cheap Books in San Antonio

In September, National Literacy Month, we nationally recognize the importance of literacy, from infancy through adulthood. The steps to foster in our children a love of reading, begin at home, pointing out colors and...

Fast, Easy, and Kid-Approved After School Snacks

The month of August in Texas brings two things, blazing heat and the first day of the school year. My daughter seemingly forgot how to eat lunch at school last year. She dutifully...

Five Favorite Family Barbecue Restaurants In and Around San Antonio

The barbecue “scene” in San Antonio and the surrounding area is real, y’all, and my family couldn’t be happier. Driving around the city, little peeps from the backseat will shout out familiar joints. When...

In Memory of Dad on Father’s Day

It has been 10 years since I last saw my dad, a decade since I have heard his voice and held his hand. An eternity since I’ve been his little girl. My husband and I...