Celebrating All the Days

In a year where the only certain thing is uncertainty, finding a sense of togetherness is our saving grace. In these times, I have found joy in the unexpected, the moments I have laughed at in the past. This year I have celebrated with the nation on average two times a month. I have fully and whole heartedly given into the empty calendar on my desk that highlights holidays for food, animals, friendship, and yes, even our children.

I have dutifully honored such things in years prior, maybe indulging in them more than I would like to admit, the difference this year is that we made them fun and treated such normal things with extraordinary feat. It may also be true that I featured our celebrations on social media and hash-tagged the hell out of them. Blame it on the year.

Whisking our kids out for Daughter’s Day and Son’s Day was something to look forward to, praising these kids that give meaning to my life and bring laughter to the long days when we need it most. Drinking two more cups than usual on National Coffee Day may have seemed excessive but it sure made that Tuesday fun. Texting “I love you” to my closest friends on National Girlfriends Day made my heart all warm and fuzzy, and filled a void that was needed without knowing it.

Relatively speaking, there may be a National Salad Day but out of denial and not wanting to dig that far, I have loved National Donut Day, National Margarita Day and in a few short days, National Taco Day. This was made for all of us Alamo City Moms.

If you want to join in on the action, do not worry, there are still dates on the calendar for the remaining show of 2020. I have compiled a list of National Days, small “mini” holidays to get you through major holiday season.


26 – National Pumpkin Day

29 – National Cat Day-Excuse me while I channel my inner Carol Baskins.

30 – National Candy Corn Day


4 – National Candy Day- Basically an excuse to raid the leftover Halloween Candy hidden from your children.

13 -World Kindness Day

13 – National Hug a Musician Day – I will clearly be waiting with open arms for Bon Jovi.

17 – National Take a Hike Day – This could be taken two ways but hopefully it works off some of those other days we partake in.

20 – National Pay Back Your Parents Day- My account is still open but overdue for a few payments.

28 – National French Toast Day- Blessed is the month that I get to stuff my face after Thanksgiving.


1 – World AIDS Day

4 – National Cookie Day – Our family favorite is homemade chocolate chip, sometimes simple is best.

16 – National Chocolate Covered Anything Day – Christmas is coming early or dreams are coming true but this might be my favorite day all year.

18 – National Answer the Telephone like Buddy the Elf Day- Watching Elf again to make this perfect.

20- There is a reason that National Sangria Day and National Ugly Sweater Day coincide.

28 – National Call A Friend Day- A friendly reminder to check in with your friends and loved ones. It has been a doozy of a year.

While we may not stick to the National Day calendar next year, its purpose has been served and I am forever using it as my excuse to hug my dog while eating five cinnamon rolls.  


Emily lives in the hill country with her husband of over a decade, two young children and an array of animals. Texas has always been home but she loves to escape it( and the heat) frequently. Road trips were the excuse to buy a minivan, even though she still cannot park it in the lines. Emily is passionate about keeping our planet clean and it’s citizens happy, and instilling these values to her children. Happiness for herself is eating good food, playing games and quiet time to read, or at least go to the bathroom alone. Favorite Restaurant: Cured at The Pearl Favorite Landmark: The Zoo Train at Brackenridge Park Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Fiesta Art Fair