Random Acts of Kindness with a Touch of Social Distancing

As communities come together, celebrating life, love, and gratitude as one, acts of kindness are more important now than ever. Below is a random list of ideas that can be done while safely practicing social distancing and is for kids of all ages.

1. Call, write, or facetime a distant family member.

It is an automatic way to make someone happy. Why did it take so long for our family to Zoom each other on Easter? We will definitely be doing this for years to come.

2. Draw pictures and cards to send in the mail.

3. Invite friends and family “over” for virtual game night.

4. Write thank-you letters for doctors and nurses treating sick patients.

These can be mailed to local hospitals.

5. Head outside and plant flowers in pots to drop off in front of nursing homes.

6. Leave a note with a snack for delivery drivers or in the mailbox.

7. Cheer up a neighbor with a yard sign or message on their driveway with sidewalk chalk.

We have seen painted rocks, encouraging messages, and funny jokes on our nightly walks. Neighborhoods have been waiting a long time to have this much fun for all, and share the love at the same time.

8. Family bake night of their choosing.

Go into this with an open mind and elastic pants! My kids have requested nothing but cake and cookies, to balance it, we are only baking vegetables on my nights of choosing… kidding.

9. Set up a dinner picnic outside.

The weather is still perfect, it cools down to a bearable Texas heat by dinnertime. Our dining table has had puzzles and crafts on it for two weeks but we haven’t even noticed because all dinners are outside.

10. Let your family see you smile.

The days are not easy, there are tears at night, I admit. Not every day, not even every week but we are all in this struggle. Our children, our spouses, our friends, we all need joy. Smile and laugh at the funny moments, let that moment last longer with your kids, it is contagious.

11. At last––my personal favorite thing to come out of this––drive-by celebrations.

Our family has been to several birthday parades for their friends, and it is immensely joyful to not only see their smiles but to be able to hear their sweet voices that we have been missing since March.

Emily lives in the hill country with her husband of over a decade, two young children and an array of animals. Texas has always been home but she loves to escape it( and the heat) frequently. Road trips were the excuse to buy a minivan, even though she still cannot park it in the lines. Emily is passionate about keeping our planet clean and it’s citizens happy, and instilling these values to her children. Happiness for herself is eating good food, playing games and quiet time to read, or at least go to the bathroom alone. Favorite Restaurant: Cured at The Pearl Favorite Landmark: The Zoo Train at Brackenridge Park Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Fiesta Art Fair