Making It Up As I Go: Summer Truths

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It’s full-on summertime and as Elizabeth says, “We hold this truth to be self-evident: that nothing, absolutely positively nothing in the summer happens without our involvement. Our kids cannot go anywhere, eat anything, put clothes on, go to sleep, and sometimes if we’re really winning, use the restroom without our supervision.”

In this episode we’re talking about some summertime truths—the adorableness of little kids in swim team speedos; lessons our teens should learn and why summer is the best time to teach them; and why “mom” is the keyword in “momentum” as it applies to the long, hot days of June, July, and August.

Things No One Tells You About Summer Swim Team
The swimming world, like all sports, has its own culture and nuances. Beyond expensive team suits (in sizes that are foreign to non-swimmers), endless searches for goggles and caps in the cavernous swim bags, and going through gallons of sunscreen, there are other things that were both surprising and enjoyable that I’ve discovered about summer swim league. 

Five Things My Teens Are Going to Learn This Summer
As summer began, my hubby and I realized that our time is short before our kids, especially our soon-to-be high school junior, leave home. We have been pretty good about teaching our kids life skills, but realized that there are always more good things to get across before the birdies leave the nest. During a relaxing moment on the back porch and after discarding several amusing ideas, we put a short list together of five things we want to teach our kids this summer…

Momentum Starts with Mom: The Great Inconvenient Truth of the Summer 
I was only two weeks into this ritualistic test of endurance known as summer break when it dawned on me that I—and I alone—was responsible for somehow ensuring that everyone in my family made it through this summer alive, and I’m going to be honest with you: in that moment, it felt like Mission Impossible.


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