ACM Podcast – Episode 6: A Fiesta® Primer

The word “fiesta” can connote many a festive party, but in San Antonio, it’s THE party. The springtime revelry that covers the streets in stray confetti from a couple hundred thousand cascarones, brings to the city a sense of camaraderie. But what is Fiesta®, exactly? What is the origin of this “party with a purpose”? Why do people go loco for medals? Why do kids get a day off of school for a parade? Who is King Antonio, and just how many duchesses are there? Whether you’re a Fiesta pro or new to the entire thing, we’re gathered around the table for a candid conversation about the Fiesta we grew up in, met in college, and are still exploring and its history and events. (And also explaining just what are those Fiesta Medals everyone collects this time of year!)


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A fifth-generation San Antonionian - who happened to spend her formative years in Austin - Amanda loves the SAT from the confetti in her hair to the bluebonnets under her feet. Never one to miss a reason to host a party or decorate for a theme, Amanda revels in the 'mas Fiesta' attitude of the city. She's mom to Vivi (2012) aka #HurricaneVivi, Mac (2020) and wife to Francois, whom she met at Texas A&M (FTAC '05). She has a Masters in Early Childhood Education and a Doctorate in Making it Up As She Goes - which means she's a sometimes-fun-mom. You can find her on Instagram . She loves confetti, croissants, and a cold Ranch Water. Favorite Restaurant: Piatti's Favorite Landmark: Johnson Street footbridge in King William Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Fiesta Medals