Making it Up As I Go: Ugly Crying, Being Kind, Saying Thank You and Soft Surroundings

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Ugly Crying, Being Kind, Saying Thank You and Soft Surroundings – what could these three things possibly have in common? Well – a loose theme of thankfulness.

Starting this episode off is Alejandra with “Saying Thanks is Not A Bad Thing”:

I recently read a post that said manners shouldn’t be forced on children, as in, “Don’t force your kids to mutter ‘please’ and ‘thank you’; instead, instill in them true gratitude.” While I’m all for teaching children to be truly grateful, I think it’s an interesting approach to suggest that we not teach our children to repeat words of thankfulness.

I’m not trying to stir the pot here. Let me explain.

Then a bit about being thankful for arriving at a point in life where comfortable clothes trump any sense of reality in Ashley’s “Soft Surroundings – My Magical Wonderland”.

I’m two seconds from turning 39, and I’m already digging the mature lady stores. My personal favorite? Soft Surroundings.

Kathy shares why ugly crying is a good thing and why she hopes her daughter will do so whenever she needs it in “Dear Daughter: I Hope You Ugly Cry”.

And when all else fails and you simply just want to cry it out, accept my ears as a sounding board, my heart as a vault, and my shoulders as a resting place for your head. For there is no place I’d rather be than here for you.

Kimberly implores her sons to “Please, Be Kind” and recounts how a third-grade memory shaped her definition of kindness.

In a time when the world is in such a vulnerable place, why not just be kind to one another?

The answer is simple: sometimes it’s hard to be kind. When we disagree with one another or feel passionately about our views, it can be hard to show compassion to the other side.


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