Just One More Bite: In Celebration (or Not) of Valentine’s Day

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day comes around once a year. The expectations, the build up, the disappointment, and the joy, sentiment, and fun – all wrapped up into one pink and red covered holiday that Hallmark has overtaken. The day sure has come a long way from celebrating St. Valentine and his scandalous weddings, hasn’t it?

In this episode, we hear from Erin on how to get the Valentine’s Day you really want followed by Kathy telling about how she was inspired by an airport bathroom to see love in little things. Kristin shares her tumultuous relationship with Valentine’s Day (starting in elementary school) and Whitney shares about the special love she and her sisters have for each other.

Articles in this episode:

It’s the Most Uncomfortable Time of the Year: Happy Valentine’s Day

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