Originally from the Live Music Capital of the World, Katie moved about the country (Nashville, TN, Seattle, WA and Athens, GA) for several years before settling in the Alamo City with her husband and young family in 2018. She's a lifestyle portrait photographer (always finding the good light), outdoorsy (…as in she likes to drink on patios), and an audiobook and podcast enthusiast (especially psychological thrillers). When she isn’t behind a camera or laptop, Katie is exploring the world with her husband, delightful daughter (2018), cheeky son (2021), and tiny pup. You can find her on Instagram (@hersideproject). Favorite Restaurant: Paloma Blanca 🕊️ Favorite Landmark: Mission Marquee Plaza Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Cascarones

Tips for a Successful Family Photo Shoot

Hey there, Mama. My guess is you’re a little stressed out right now. School and extracurriculars are in full swing, Halloween is upon us, Thanksgiving is basically tomorrow, and don’t even get me started...

Respectful Parenting Opportunities

Childrearing practices run the gamut when it comes to commanding respect from little ones. In order to comply with our elders’ wishes, many of us were raised on the allure of special treats, fear...

Your Village Wants to Help You

“I can’t move.” I uttered these words after lying on my stomach for an hour at physical therapy. My lower back was mysteriously in agony, a searing 10/10 pain that rivaled the unmedicated childbirth I...