Ashley Mazzanti

As an ambitious & passionate Scorpio, Ashley loves many things and loves them with all she has. Parenting has been a transformative experience for Ashley and continues to evolve as her children - Jameson (2011), Josiah (2013), Jove (2015) & Jane (2018) enter, exist & exit different ages & stages. She is thankful to have her college sweetheart (Tim), 2 dogs, 2 cats by her side for comfort, support & encouragement during life's adventures. San Antonio has been home for Ashley since 2005 when she moved to attend UTSA (C/O 2009). Ashley is an Independent Travel Advisor and volunteers with local & national level non-profits. Activism, coffee, dancing, Disney, plants, Star Wars, tattoos, and yoga are all life long passionate loves for Ashley. You can find Ashley enjoying a treat at Plantyful Sweets, exploring our gorgeous local parks & Botanical Gardens, or cheering on the UTSA Roadrunner Football Team at the Alamodome.

A Love Letter to the Parent Who Finds the Holidays Less Than Magical

Challenging, depressing, difficult, disappointing, hard, stressful, a struggle, and unpleasant… these are a few of my favorite things *queue the music* that fall into my favorite phrase of “less than magical.” The holidays can be...

Voting Guide for Families

Did you know that in the 2022 Texas Governor Election, 55% of registered voters did not vote? That is an incredible 9.6 million people! ^1 And did you also know there is an election coming...

Allergy Friendly Spooky Season in San Antonio

Fall is officially here! As the seasons change, we enthusiastically welcome back so many beloved traditions and seasonal fun times! Food is often a big part of those seasonal festivities. For allergy friendly families,...

The Teal Pumpkin Project: Making Halloween Fun for Kids with Allergies

How many trick-or-treaters will you have this Halloween? 10? 20? More? One out of every 13 is likely to have a food allergy. I know, it gets old: gluten-free, dairy-free, fun-free, whatever-free. Most schools now offer allergy-friendly zones. As...

8 Tips to Make the After School Car Pick-Up Line Not Suck

Most of us are into the groove with this new school year by now. A big shout out and love to those of us (me included) who are still struggling to get everyone out...
White background with snowflakes and green garland. The text says “10 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself During the Holidays”

10 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself During the Holidays

The Holidays can be a stressful time for many, or most parents. Often we find ourselves extending and overextending ourselves to make the season magical for our children, friends, coworkers, extended family members and...