Taking the Hassle Out of Home-Selling: My Experience with Perch

Disclaimer: Alamo City Moms Blog is excited to partner with Perch, a company dedicated to changing the way people buy and sell their homes. This is a sponsored post.

I’m definitely guilty of spending countless hours on the internet WAY past my bedtime, searching for new houses while dreaming of moving into my new, perfect “someday” home. It’s almost a nighttime routine. I love the thought of upgrading from where we live now, even though, in all honesty, we have a great house. It’s just a thing for me. My hubby and I do this all the time while discussing what we will do with our lottery winnings. But the truth is, the hassle of putting our house on the market, with all the possible repairs and agency hassles, always keeps it from happening. What if they find all these things wrong with our house that we didn’t even know existed?

So when I found out about Perch.com, all that changed. With no hassle or pressure to pull the trigger on the sale, I realized I could get a fair-market offer on my house within 24 hours based on its current condition, and then decide whether we actually want to sell. (Read: no crazy repairs OR staging to get a good offer!) Perch is a home marketplace that removes much of the stress that traditional home-selling often brings. I simply describe my house in its current state, and they give me a solid offer that makes sense based on the market and the houses around me. From there, I either accept that offer or not. It’s that easy. Oh, and did I mention that this is FREE?! Seriously, I thought, where is the red tape?

But, there generally isn’t any. All I did was go to the website, type in my address, and the first page was completely filled out for me. The specs, square footage, and general information about my home was already pulled up and ready for me to edit. From there, they asked me questions about the condition of certain areas of my house (e.g., high-traffic rooms like the kitchen, bathrooms, etc.), and it was super simple to answer from pull-down menus. Each page honestly took me about a minute but also gave me opportunities to add more information as needed. Perfect combination, actually. I had completed the entire form in about ten minutes and immediately received an email saying my offer would be in my inbox in 24 hours or less. Amazing.

I’m not a fan of gimmicks, and with three kiddos running around like crazies, I don’t have time to waste on the home-selling process and/or the scheduling of house showings around naptimes. Perch is for people who would like to sell their home on their timeline, truly get what their house is worth, and not mess with a middleman. If desired, I realized I could truly get a firm, cash offer in less than 24 hours and be done with the entire process, and—get this—choose my closing date anywhere from 14–60 days in the future, which would easily allow me to line up with the closing date on my (potential) new home. It didn’t truly sink in that this was legit until the next morning when Perch contacted me to follow up with my online offer request and give me a chance to add any other information I wanted. I was also able to ask additional questions about the process. This made it real, and I left the conversation feeling in control of my options.

I received my emailed offer in less than 12 hours, and it included ample information about and the specs of comparable homes in my neighborhood and area that had recently sold. I saw the offer breakdown, the amount I would be receiving, and how this would compare had I gone the traditional home-selling route. I, again, felt totally in control and was more than pleased with my offer. Now I’m just left wondering how fast I can pack the house…

My experience with Perch, who has been serving our San Antonio community for the last year, has truly restored my faith that some things in life are just simple and good. No strings. No red tape. And honestly, no hassle after they checked in with me. The choice was all ours. If you’re interested in learning more about this process and/or would like to request a free-no obligation offer, click here.

Erin is a born and raised San Antonio native. She is a proud graduate of Southwestern University, St.Mary's University and Texas Tech University. After graduate school, she married the love of her life and moved back to to town to be near both sides of their families. Together, they are attempting to raise three crazy humans: Chloe- 2011, Connor- 2014, and Charlie 2017 who make life fun, happy and hard. Erin is a marriage and family therapist and a contributor and sales coordinator for ACM. She is a lover of all things involving food, music, sarcasm and wine. And love. There must be lots of love. You can find her on Instagram at Instagram Favorite Restaurant: Nonna Osteria Favorite Landmark: Majestic Theatre Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Fiesta Arts Fair