School Calendars for Districts in the San Antonio Area, 2017-18 Edition

School Calendars for Districts in the San Antonio Area | Alamo City Moms Blog 
I’m not yet ready to think about summer being over. But, as Shakespeare reminds us:
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As a parent who volunteers at my kids’ school, it’s already time to plan for the year ahead, so I have their school’s calendar bookmarked on my computer. Whether you are planning family travel, camps, or other events, here is a roundup of school district calendars for the San Antonio area. Print one out and stick it on your refrigerator.
Public Charter Schools

Looking for a calendar that’s not listed here? ESC Region 20 (based in San Antonio) has links to more ISDs and public charter schools. We may also have some readers in ESC Region 13 (based in Austin), which lists ISDs and public charter schools within its boundaries. 

What’s on your mind, now that you have seen this overview of school calendars? People from outside San Antonio are often surprised that our region has so many school districts.
Perhaps you noticed some early start dates; several local ISDs (marked with *) have attained District of Innovation status, which (among other things) gives them more flexibility in setting school calendars. What determines the length of the school year? HB 2610 (84 R) set the school year at a minimum of 75,600 minutes. Final say lies with each school board, and you can take your concerns to them, at meetings or on election day.

Do you have a suggestion or correction? Please leave a comment below to let us know. We hope this list of calendars is a helpful resource for you. 


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