Alamo City’s Amazing Mom Finalists | Lauren, Candice, Anastasia

Yesterday, you had the chance to meet three of our finalists for Alamo City’s Amazing Mom contest. Today, we are introducing you to our next three finalists!

As a reminder, we will be introducing our finalists to you each day and on Friday, voting will open up to YOU!  We want our readers to help us determine who will receive the title of Alamo City’s Amazing Mom.

laurenmclaughlinLauren McLaughlin

Nominated by her friend & colleague, Katy David

Katy’s Words: Lauren McLaughlin is an extraordinary combination of accomplished professional, devoted wife and mother, and truly lovely woman.  When thinking about Lauren—as a professional and a person—the word that comes to mind is “grace.”

I have enjoyed practicing law with her for six years and regularly am struck by the conscientiousness and care she brings to her practice.  Her sharp intellect and warm demeanor are perfectly suited to her work as an estate planning attorney.

Several years ago, Lauren lost her own mother to cancer.  She navigated that difficult time with her unwavering poise and has become active in cancer-related organizations.

For years, Lauren skillfully juggled her professional obligations with her roles of wife to Pete and mother to Ansley and Johnny—so well that she was named a partner of the law firm Strasburger & Price, LLP in January 2013.  A few months later, she had more good news to celebrate: she was expecting.  Twins.  As always, Lauren rose to the occasion and welcomed Winn and Louisa in January 2014.

While we knew her most important work was at home, her colleagues counted down the days until her return from maternity leave and staked out the office lobby to catch her with questions “only she could answer” the first morning she returned to work.  She’s indispensable in all her roles.

Lauren is very active in the San Antonio community.  She is a Board member and Treasurer of the Junior League of San Antonio and serves on the Boards of the San Antonio Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital Foundation, and St. David’s Episcopal School.  She is a founding member of Young Texans Against Cancer and an active member of Alamo Heights United Methodist Church.

AnastasiaMcKennaAnastasia McKenna

Nominated by her best friend and Fairy Godmother to her daughter, Tiffany Durham

Tiffany’s Words:  Many people know Anastasia McKenna as Miss Anastasia from her Wild and Wacky Storytimes at The Twig Bookshop but what they may not know is Miss Anastasia is the mother of three of the greatest kids; Summer, Tully and  Conley and wife to Steve.

Anastasia is tireless! Just looking at her calendar makes me exhausted. She goes from reading at schools all over San Antonio, making dinner for a family from church with a newborn baby, volunteering her time and talent at the Children’s shelter to heading up the Cambridge Care program to help families in need. She stays busy all the time but manages to always serve fresh fruit and vegetables at every meal even if that means running to store 5 times in 1 week! When I call her she is able to carry on a conversation as she folds mountains of laundry, picks up breakfast tacos for track team and pulls together a month’s worth of crafts for her literacy events.

Miss Anastasia puts everyone’s needs before her own, well maybe not when it comes to her love of hummus…don’t get in between the girl and her hummus! She also loves goat cheese.. I love that her comfort foods in themselves show how unique she is!

It is often the true mark of a good parent when their children are praised. Anastasia and Steve’s children are the type of child you tell other people “those children are always welcome in my home.” Her parenting style is carefree but she takes her job seriously. She has always allowed her children room to be children and never tried to fix their mistakes but gives them love, guidance and a swift dose of reality when needed…being a farmer’s daughter comes in handy when tween and teenage behaviors a running a muck.

Being friends with Anastasia for 20 years, I know Anastasia is a true friend and this past fall when she was chosen to open TEDxSanAntonio the world saw her as an extraordinary storyteller but what I would love for her is…her city recognizing for what she truly is…an Alamo City Amazing Mom!

candicecurryCandice Curry

Nominated by her friend, Renee Felan

Renee’s Words: Candice is not only a women of God but an amazing mother! Anyone that knows her personally would agree. With the help of a Godly man she is raising four beautiful girls and a brand new baby boy.

Candice can take any obstacle God presents and turn it into “anything is possible”. You see, one of her triplet girls was diagnosed with Autism at a young age. There may be quite a few mothers that look at this as punishment but not this mother!! This special little girl will continue to grow never having any doubt in her mind that God, mom, dad, sisters and brothers love her unconditionally for ever and ever!

Candice shows me every day how being a mom is the greatest blessing of all! In her spare time (which is at night when all sweet babies are asleep), she shares her life with other women through her blog,  Not only do I feel privileged to be a part of her ministry but to see first hand yes… All things are possible!

Voting will be open Friday, May 2 – Tuesday, May 6 at noon.

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  Our winner will be announced live on Tuesday, May 6 at our Mommy Foodie Fair.  Join us at our Moms Night Out which is all about food, fun and friends! Mingle with our finalists and hear who will win the title of Alamo City’s Amazing Mom. Tickets are available for purchase hereMommy Foodie Fair for slider.jpg

Brooke graduated high school from right here in San Antonio. After twelve years of living everywhere from Colorado to Greece, London to Atlanta, she and her husband have made San Antonio home and have become parents to their daughter and son. Brooke loves finding undiscovered activities around the city and dragging her kids along! She is a runner, an amateur cook that loves trying out San Antonio’s growing culinary scene and is actively involved in non-profit organizations in San Antonio.


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