Thanksgiving Wreath Kids Craft

Hand print Turkey Art, Thanksgiving Wreath Kids CraftJust last week we all still had our jack-o-lanterns and ghosts outside and now were all rushing for the best turkey! Moving from Halloween to Thanksgiving seems like a blur and with so much going on it is easy to get behind. It’s also tough on the kiddos to transition from spooky fun to Giving thanks so its best to start early.

Get them in the Thanksgiving holiday spirit with some crafts! I don’t know about you but I’m all about wreaths, so I wanted to make a kid friendly wreath with my kiddo to hang in our house.

Materials: white paper, scissors, varied color paints and a brush, Glue or tape, a paper plate, googly eyes (optional) and some foam leaf stickers. We found our Fall leaves stickers at The Dollar Store!

Here’s how you can make one too:


Using a paint brush, I painted the palm and thumb of my kiddos hand brown and each finger a different color.


I had him place his hand down on the paper and make some prints. You now have your Turkey!

Turkey Handprints

Wait for your turkey to dry and then draw on eyes (or use googly eyes). Cut the turkey hand print out of the paper. Now grab a paper plate and cut inside the late to just leave the outer ring.

Wreath circle


Turkey wreath

Glue on the turkey hand print on the paper plate and now using Fall leaves stickers cover the rest of the circle! You can also use Fall leaves instead of stickers. Go on a nature walk and collect some colorful leaves and use those.

kids craft, Hand print art

Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath, Kids craft, Hand print Art

This is a super quick and easy craft for kids of all ages to do! It gives a room or door a nice thanksgiving wreath. Plus, it’s a great keepsake!

Thanksgiving Wreath kids craft, Turkey Hand print Art

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I work in a daycare and was trying to come up with some good kids crafts for thanksgiving. I am going to have my kids list one thing that they are thankful for and put their answers on the leaves (to show them this is a time of thanks not just turkey)!

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