In Defense of the Pinterest Mom (aka: Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Pinteresty)

In celebration of ten years of Alamo City Moms, we’re sharing some of our favorite, most relatable, and best-loved content from the past. We hope you’ll enjoy a walk down memory lane with us, and realize that there are so many experiences of motherhood – shared from one mom to another – that bind us together. 

You know that mom who drives you up the wall?

The one you love to hate?

There’s always one, isn’t there? The one who glitters things that don’t necessarily need to be glittered. Who decorates for every. single. holiday. Forget patting yourself on the back for snagging some festive window clings from the Target dollar spot and getting them out on time. She has a chalkboard wall, a gallery wall, a pinboard, and a coordinated mantle and entry way for every occasion.

She happily hand-cuts themed washi tape into jack-o-lantern faces for cups of yogurt dip for an after-school snack. She gleefully volunteers for every single crafty thing in your kid’s class and coordinates it with (how freakin’ dare she?!) genuine, infectious joy.

Sound familiar?


Hi, it’s me.

I’m a crafty, creative, DIY enthusiast who’d be this way even if Pinterest had never existed. It’s just my blood. It’s how my brain is wired. Let’s face it—my DNA is a sparkly, German glass glitter-covered, color-coordinated double helix.

I thrive on party planning. I literally think about nonexistent parties and their never-gonna-happen details when I’m waiting at red lights.

I crave the smell of hot glue and ModPodge.

And, frankly, I’m not going to apologize for it.

I know I make you crazy sometimes. I know that when you scroll through Pinterest, instead of feeling more relaxed or getting inspired, you just feel a headache coming on. You might even feel like the Pinterest Mom has raised the bar so high with her cunning Elf on the Shelf antics and individually piped Elsa and Olaf sugar cookies that you’ll just never meet those outrageous expectations – and that everyone will think the stuff you do for your kids and your family is utter crap.

But let me break it down for you.

One, your stuff is not utter crap. If you showed up, tried, and made your kids happy, then as far as I – and they – are concerned, your stuff is completely and utterly awesome. Remember the ‘80s and ‘90s, when the only time your mom broke out the cookie cutters or glitter glue was for a really, really, REALLY special occasion? When she did, you were deliriously happy. Well, that feeling is universal. Kids in 2024 feel that way, too. (Also, the best part is that 99% of kids aren’t even on Pinterest! So they won’t know any better until they’re planning their perfect dorm room or fairy-tale wedding far, far in the future.)

Two, this is my jam. It’s what I’m good at. But you—YOU, dear Other-Kind-of-Mom—are out there running marathons. Or nursing sick kittens back to health. Or making a week’s worth of Paleo dinners for your gluten-free, nut-allergic kiddo. Maybe you’re heading up a corporation, giving expert tax advice to clients, re-setting broken limbs, that kind of thing. And I don’t bash you for your six-pack abs, your big fat bonus checks, your letters of commendation, or absolutely acing being an allergy mom.

So let’s just agree to disagree, shall we? You be good at your Other Kind of Mom thing, and I’ll kick butt as a Pinterest Mom. I’ll silently root for you, and you’ll…resent my craftacularness just a little bit less. After all, I am the one who gave you the idea to personalize the old IKEA bookcase you picked up on Facebook Marketplace, or told you how to turn Nutella into a three-minute mug cake that (deservedly) wowed your kids. We can co-exist without it diminishing your contribution, I promise.

After all, as we say in our house, you don’t need to blow out my candle to make yours burn brighter.

And if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll leave you on that note… I’m off to gold leaf that mantra onto a reclaimed canvas.

A fifth-generation San Antonionian - who happened to spend her formative years in Austin - Amanda loves the SAT from the confetti in her hair to the bluebonnets under her feet. Never one to miss a reason to host a party or decorate for a theme, Amanda revels in the 'mas Fiesta' attitude of the city. She's mom to Vivi (2012) aka #HurricaneVivi, Mac (2020) and wife to Francois, whom she met at Texas A&M (FTAC '05). She has a Masters in Early Childhood Education and a Doctorate in Making it Up As She Goes - which means she's a sometimes-fun-mom. You can find her on Instagram . She loves confetti, croissants, and a cold Ranch Water. Favorite Restaurant: Piatti's Favorite Landmark: Johnson Street footbridge in King William Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Fiesta Medals


  1. rock on Pinterest Mom! and thank you for all the ideas.
    I love planning parties too! setting up every little detail my kids could care less for.
    I fail miserably at times but I enjoy the ride.
    like you said. it’s in the blood.

  2. I dream of the day when I have a little more time for my addict behavior…I love ModPodge like an immediate family member! And to me the big take away here is do your own thing sister and I’ll keep doing mine. We don’t have to love the game but at least like the player!

  3. I really enjoyed this post. I’m not the crafty mom but I always enjoy looking at what others can do. If everyone stopped doing crafty things because they feared the judgement of others than none of use would be able to enjoy the beauty and fun things that people can create. Everyone has different strengths, me I’m more the type that likes to try different recipes and I BUY the crafty things so it looks like I’m crafty ; ) ha ha. Instead of being jealous, people should just enjoy the beauty and make friends with them so maybe they can teach you a couple of things. ; P

  4. Thanks for this!! I might still be a little bit jealous of you because ruffle, painting, and decorating are in my blood, but I’ve spent the last two years being the Paleo heath nut mom (allergy kid). Maybe one day I can be the crafty sewing mom too!

  5. I loved this….and I am NOT a “pinterest mom”!!! I enjoy trying crafty projects….if they are easy. I like trying new recipes…if they don’t have more than 5 ingredients. Ok….I am not even going to pretend I can decorate my home….but it’s still home! But, the part I love most is that we should and can be happy in our own little specialized parts of the world. I’m still figuring out my specialty…..I love my family….I guess that would be it. The rest is glitter right? Sweet….I do have a little bit of glitter after all!

  6. I agree with everything you said Amanda! Fabulous article!

    Women are great at so many different things. I would never have a desire to run a marathon but ask me to deck out a Christmas tree? Yes please!!

    Now off to share this on my Facebook page!

  7. Thank you for this. I’ve been made to feel guilty quite a bit by my pinteresty parties, over the top elf and bento lunches, and seriously, I don’t mind if no one else chooses to do these things. I think they are fun…let’s not blow the others candles out!

  8. THANK YOU! I hate when people say “Pinterest Moms” like its a shameful thing to be. Guess what? I was a crafty, party-planning, hot-glue-gun-wielding mama WAY before Pinterest ever existed. Pinterest did not “create” crafty moms, it just made our lives easier! 😉 And I have never ONCE looked down on another mom for bringing store-bought cookies or skipping the big birthday party hoopla in favor of something simpler. To each her own, I say! You don’t have to feel guilty for not being “crafty”…and I shouldn’t have to feel guilty for LOVING CRAFTS! 🙂

  9. OMgosh! I LOVE your post, I am so with you on all levels! I hallucinate about wild party ideas all the time, for parities I will likely never have, so funny 🙂

    Don’t hate me fuzz I’m crafty ;-)~

  10. Love love love! I could have written this myself! I am sooo just like you and Right there with ya! I am a huge Pinterestaholic! Keep on doing your thing mama!

  11. I LOVE this!! I may not be quite the crafting queen that you are but I’m happy to say that I’ve never had a Pinterest fail. My home is scattered with hang crafted décor and DIY success stories — you are so right when you say that it’s just “our thing”.

  12. I envy you, Amanda – You’re my idol! I wish I could be that kind of mama, but you’re so right – it takes all different kinds! Plus, my son will know how special the occasion is when I do break out the cookie cutters! Until then, I’ll happily baby step trying things here & there to add to my crafty repertoire! Thanks again for all the inspiration…& I love that saying about not having to blow out someone else’s candle for yours to glow more brightly! We’ll said! Stay sparkly, Pinterest Mama!!!

  13. Love this. I’ve always been a defender of the Pinterest mom, even though I am FAR from one. Now, where can I find this Nutella mug cake you speak of?

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