Easter Egg Happy Mail

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Who doesn’t love receiving happy mail? The bright eggs, sweet treat, and simple surprise of this fun and easy project waiting in the mailbox for someone is fabulous—and a great way to play Easter Bunny to someone far away. Did you know you can mail plastic Easter eggs in the mail without packaging? If you’re sending more than one, this might be a great alternative and is so fun to receive.

From sophisticated and sparkly, to bright and playful in the best colors of the season, all you need is a plastic mailing tube (these are from here and here’s the same option from Amazon*) plastic Easter eggs, egg fillers, and crinkle paper/shred or tissue paper. 

Assemble your mailing tube by placing the cap on one end and taping with clear packaging tape around the edge where the cap meets the tube. Fill your plastic eggs with fun stuffers (here are some ideas) and close the eggs completely. If an egg has loose-fitting halves, choose another one so it doesn’t pop open during delivery. Don’t forget to include a little note! This fun printable “Some Bunny Loves You” graphic can be printed at home and trimmed to size. Place a little shred or tissue paper at the end, load your eggs, finish with more paper shred or tissue, and top with the other end cap. Tape the end cap securely. 

Finish with a mailing label and head to the post office to mail. 

Three large-sized eggs filled with jelly beans in a 12″ tube cost me $3.04 to mail, and unless you’re sending something heavier, yours should be in the same range. Taping the ends securely is strongly recommended to prevent any curious handlers from opening your tube or the ends from popping off.

How fantastic would this be to send to a mom friend with some grown up spring treats inside (an Essie nail polish or dark chocolate)? Send gift cards, movie tickets, or homemade treats—if you can fit it into an egg, you can send it! We’re smitten with the idea of an Easter Egg “hunt” in a tube and can’t wait to hear about your creative twists!