Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls

Christmas morning cinnamon rolls

I’m a big believer in ritual and tradition.  One of my greatest joys as a wife and mother is creating and cultivating them for our little family.  Early in Claudia’s babyhood, I decided we needed a Christmas breakfast custom.  Cinnamon rolls seemed the perfect choice.  They can be assembled the day before and left to rise in the refrigerator overnight.  They are easy to eat in a non-table setting, which means we can enjoy them in the living room as we open gifts.  And, I can’t help but think that cinnamon’s distinctive scent will evoke fond sense memories for my children even when our little foursome is not gathered together on Christmas morning.

I use a recipe I found online.  I chose this one over the alternatives that called for powdered milk because I didn’t want to have to buy that ingredient, which I don’t normally keep on-hand.  I eyeball the amount of raisins and walnuts but definitely use more than the 1/3 cup of each that the recipe calls for.

Pro Tip: after you’ve rolled the dough into a log, use thread or dental floss rather than a knife to cut it into individual rounds. Just slip a length of thread under the log to the point you want it sliced.  Cross the two ends of the thread into an X shape and pull them in opposite directions.  It will cut neatly through the dough log without smashing it out of shape the way a knife would.

Chrismas Morning Cinnamon Rolls




Here are my rolls ready to go into the oven to rise overnight.  Once risen, they fill the baking dish.

Katy is a San Antonio native who spent seven years on the East Coast. She is back home now, married to her sweetheart, rearing her children Claudia (5) and Thomas (3), and practicing tax law.


  1. My mother-in-law makes amazing cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning. She even makes them for other people in the weeks leading up to Christmas…not exaggerating when I say she makes at least 20 dozen! My husband laid claim to the middle cinnamon roll years ago so every year there’s a scuffle over it. It’s a wonderful tradition!

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