Thoughtful DIY Teacher Gifts and Sugar Scrub

The beginning of the year is just as nerve-wracking for the teachers as it is for the students and parents coming into the classroom. The week before school starts is full of training, organizing, and asking questions: What will my students be like? The parents? Will they all come for Meet the Teacher? Do I have a name tag for everyone? Do I have an extra set of everything for the student who arrives at the last-minute? Will I remember all their names?

DIY Teachers Gifts

Although a first day of school gift (or first week or second week gift) is certainly not necessary, it is a wonderful goodwill gesture for the person who will love, guide, and learn along with your child for the next 10 or so months. Because school starting is crazy enough, here are three SUPER easy, thoughtful teacher gifts guaranteed to ease the beginning of school nerves of any classroom instructor.


Teachers love new school supplies, too! A few fresh Sharpies (or markers), new mechanical pencils, a sticky note pad, a personalized notebook, a gift card to a place near school that has breakfast (or just coffee!) and a little jar of homemade hand balm is easy to assemble and great if you’re making gifts for more than one teacher. You can split a package of markers, pencils and sticky notes and make them go a long way. Catch the supplies while they are still on sale and get an even bigger bang for your buck!


Gifting the items in a reusable container – in this case a large tin can with a light coat of paint – makes the container part of the gift. IMG_7206

If the last week of school seems to drag on for students and teachers alike, the first week might seem even longer. Teachers generally arrive early and stay late to trouble shoot, be extra hands and eyes, and make the week run smoothly. Put together a snack pack for those planning period munchies or after school fatigue. A little pouch with some quarters in it makes hitting the vending machine for a soda treat extra special. Package the goodies in a take out container for extra presentation flair points.


Lastly, and probably most economically, a homemade sugar scrub might be just what your teacher needs at the end of the first day. Make a double batch and package it in smaller jars to include the office staff, athletic coaches/PE teachers, and other special people in your child’s school life. I like to use jars I’ve saved (and cleaned thoroughly!) like baby food jars, pesto jars, jelly and jam jars, or even spaghetti sauce jars!


To make a sugar scrub simply combine 1 cup coconut oil, one and a half cups sugar (white granulated or brown raw both work) and about 10-15 drops of essential oils (which can be found at many grocery stores and online – be sure the one you choose can be applied topically!).


Stir together the sugar and coconut oil. Then mix in the essential oils, starting with 5 – 7 drops. Because the intensity of the oils varies, you’ll have to use your nose for this part. If the scrub isn’t potent smelling enough, add a few more drops of essential oil at a time, mixing thoroughly between additions, until it smells good to you. Lavender, lemon, lime, peppermint and eucalyptus are good oils to start with (individually – not all mixed together) and  one or two oils might smell lovely together. Package in a sealable container and print the label to put on the front (this one is on printable, adhesive canvas). You can get the printable label here!

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