A native to the San Antonio area, Katie was brought up with a healthy respect for the Spurs and carne guisada tacos. Beyont those, she loves her husband, their 3 girls, their family and their church family. Stay-at-home-mom is her job title. Some days it feels mundane, some days overwhelming but the sure thing is that this is important work. Their family hobbies include: overcommitting to too many pets, watching Marvel movies together, epic book-read alouds, eating out, cruising in the car with a good soda and good tunes, and hanging out in the back yard. Just as they consider parenting to be a work of perseverance and unmerited favor, so they also consider their faith in Jesus to be one such work, and the most vital.

I Love Taking My Kid to the Mall and Here’s Why

My husband and I have three kids, ages two, seven, and nine—all girls—and we love it. My girls are as apt to catch frogs and muddy their feet as any kid I know. Their interests...

Be a Helper (For My Children and for Myself)

It's car-pick-up-line o'clock again. The perpetual sheen of sweat gathered from walking to and from the car has my skin feeling like a glazed donut (gross), but I'm sitting with the air conditioning aimed at...

A Reminder At Summer’s End

A rush of hot, humid wind seemed to lift and escape past me as I shut the back door of our van. In one hand I clutched a small trash bag and in the...