Ten Years of Team – Catch Up with Maria

Catch up with some of our ACM Amigas – former contributors who have helped craft the collective story of ACM over the last 10 years.

An artist and champion of artists, chicken mom (and rabbit, and axolotl, and dog mom among many other animals!), and all around good human, Maria balances motherhood with entrepreneurship in her colorful world.

What was most memorable to you about your experiences with Alamo City Moms (Blog)?

I loved the sense of community built among moms of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. I’m still friends with many of the moms I met during that time!

Was/were there any connections you made or experiences you had while with ACM(B) that you’re thankful for or have helped you get to where you are today?

The general experience of being part of a group where every voice is important really helped strengthen my confidence. We all have something unique to offer, and you never know who will relate to you when you bring who you are.

What’s one thing on your bucket list—personally or professionally—that you would like to check off in the next five years?

Further develop my current business (Del Alma Imports) as we turn it into a non-profit and go global (!!!), and hopefully have our rum brand in the US market!

What phase of motherhood were you at when you joined the team, where are you now, and what is something that you’d tell your younger self?

I was in the grind of 4 kids under 5 and trying not to lose my identity. Now we have 5 kids and they are almost all in school. Don’t worry about the small stuff – just stay present.

Have you stayed in touch with fellow ACM contributors? What advice do you have for nurturing or maintaining friendships in this stage of motherhood?

Yes! Motherhood can be so isolating. Even if you feel like one of your mom friends is pulling away, chances are they are just busy and need you as much as you need them. Just keep reaching out and being an available friend.

So how’s it been going? What have you been up to? Tell us everything…

Where do I even start?! In the last few years we have moved, I acquired 60+ animals, I’m in the process of starting a non-profit to help the artisans I work with, we bought a rum distillery in Mexico that I manage under my company, and we travel a lot for work now. I’m now a CrossFit addict, and the kids are just growing and being happy kids! There isn’t a lot of down time here, but I love the constant flow of life and ideas in my home and family.


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All former contributors were offered the opportunity to participate in this series. If you are a former contributor who would like to participate, let us know (we probably don’t have the correct contact info!).

A fifth-generation San Antonionian - who happened to spend her formative years in Austin - Amanda loves the SAT from the confetti in her hair to the bluebonnets under her feet. Never one to miss a reason to host a party or decorate for a theme, Amanda revels in the 'mas Fiesta' attitude of the city. She's mom to Vivi (2012) aka #HurricaneVivi, Mac (2020) and wife to Francois, whom she met at Texas A&M (FTAC '05). She has a Masters in Early Childhood Education and a Doctorate in Making it Up As She Goes - which means she's a sometimes-fun-mom. You can find her on Instagram . She loves confetti, croissants, and a cold Ranch Water. Favorite Restaurant: Piatti's Favorite Landmark: Johnson Street footbridge in King William Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Fiesta Medals