Simple Solution to Better Sleep for the Whole Family—Sleepout Curtain Review

This post is brought to you by Sleepout, Inc. but the review/opinions are that of our ACM team member.

Sleep—it’s so important and yet it can be so elusive! Moms need it, babies need it, little kids and big kids need it—and when the environment isn’t right, no one gets it. 

Sleep experts tell us we need a distraction-free environment that isn’t too hot or too cold, and that is D-A-R-K. I don’t know how the summertime change is going in your house, but we’re adjusting very slowly to going to bed while the sun is still awake. Another challenge? Getting good sleep while traveling. When staying at a family member’s home or hotel, you’re never quite sure what the sleeping arrangements will be and there are only so many things you can control to provide an optimum sleep environment for you and your family (and all the praise hands for preserving nap time on vacation!). When Sleepout approached us to try their innovative, portable, and non-permanent blackout curtains, we knew this was a product that you needed to know about. Contributor Stephanie reviewed the Sleepout Curtain at home:

My best friend was recently trying to convince her mother to purchase blackout curtains for their guest bedroom. She wanted to have a consistent environment for her soon-to-be-born son to sleep in when they were visiting her family. Her mother did not want to purchase blackout curtains because she was very attached to the drapery that was already in that room. When I heard about the Sleepout Curtain, I immediately thought of my friend and what a perfect solution this would be for her. I am excited to share my thoughts about the product with her and you. 

Initial Impression

The product arrived and I must admit I was very impressed with the packaging. I was expecting a folded-up curtain in some kind of plastic wrap. Thankfully, the packaging well-exceeded my expectations and came perfectly rolled up in a convenient and durable travel bag with handles and a zipper. The bag fit the curtain and a small box that contained the industrial strength suction cups that are used to install the curtain on any window. 

The curtain happened to be the same color as the drapes currently in my bedroom, which I found to be a very happy coincidence. It is a charcoal grey color that is modern and calming.

Ease of Use

Installing the product was incredibly easy. The industrial strength suction cups easily attach to the corners of the window, and then I simply had to press down the latch to attain a secure attachment. The curtain has a Velcro border on the back which sticks to the top of the suction cup and has a very secure hold. At first, I was skeptical that the curtain would block light from the top or sides of the window, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that no light was leaking through, even on my first try! I did not use the product with the additional pads that can be added to the sides of windows to ensure no light leaks though, and I did not feel that I needed them for the curtain to do its job. 

Product Quality

The curtain is not too heavy but certainly feels very well made. The fabric is a thermal-insulating fabric, which means that the temperature outside will not leak into your room, making it too hot or too cold. This is super important for those hotter days outside when you really need to block out any extreme heat. This energy-efficient design also has ecru cotton flocking and soft microfibre finish. Additionally, Sleepout must value the environment because the suction cups are BPA-free and the material for the curtains is OEKO-TEX®, SGS®, and Greenguard® certified quality, non-toxic, and free from harmful substances.

Size and Transportability 

The curtain measures 52×76 inches and can be installed vertically or horizontally. I chose to install mine vertically since that was the best fit for my windows. I also tried it horizontally in my daughter’s room where there is a shorter window, and the fit was perfect. The carrying bag was 14.5x5x5 inches and was not much larger than the novel I am reading. It fit very well into a carry-on sized suitcase with plenty of room for other items.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would recommend the Sleepout Curtain to anyone who values having a consistent, dark environment when they sleep. I found that my five-year-old, who naps well at school but not at home, had a much easier time falling asleep during the afternoon when I used the curtain in her room. Because of its convenient design, durability, and travel-friendly packaging, I think the Sleepout Curtain is a great investment for any family looking for a way to bring a piece of home with them wherever life takes them.

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