Lights Alive Drive-Thru Light Show: Making Holiday Magic Easy for Moms!

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The holiday season is here, and as a busy mom, you’ve got a never-ending to-do list. Between gift shopping, baking cookies, and decorating the house, the tasks quickly add up – and become overwhelming. Let me share a delightful secret with you this year… Imagine having an extraordinary evening with your family, while effortlessly accomplishing 3 significant holiday tasks. Enter the Lights Alive Drive-thru Light Show, a captivating event that will help you make the most of your holiday season. 

Get ready to check off driving through Christmas lights, taking your photo with Santa, and getting those all-important gifts for grandparents – with tons of other activities to put a big red bow on your magical night.

Singing Penguins in the Lights Alive San Antonio Christmas Light Show
The Singing Penguins are a Favorite in the Light Show
  1. Enjoy the Christmas Lights

Imagine this: You and your family traveling through a mile-long wonderland of Christmas lights, all synchronized to an upbeat holiday soundtrack. It’s like a dance party in your car! Lights Alive has created mesmerizing light displays that instantly create that sense of holiday spirit, and leave you awestruck. After the drive, you can park and continue the fun in the Winter Wonderland.

Fun fact: the local family who created the show was featured on ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight! After the reality show aired, the light show on their house caused such long lines of stopped traffic within their neighborhood that it had to be shut down. They decided to take their love of computer-controlled, high-tech Christmas lights and magnify it on a grander scale to create the Lights Alive Drive-thru Light Show.

  1. Capture the Perfect Santa Photo

Every mom knows the struggle of trying to snap that elusive, Instagram-worthy Santa photo. So sidestep the holiday rush and have your family’s photo taken with Santa in the most magical setting! The best part? It’s budget-friendly! At just $13.50, you can even take your own photos with Santa on your phone to share with friends and family if you purchase a photo. What’s more, Santa is there every night, including holidays, through New Years Eve… you know, just in case you can’t get that photo before Christmas. 

Santa’s Workshop at the Lights Alive San Antonio Christmas Light Show

  1. Make Giftable Christmas Crafts in Santa’s Workshop

Keep the little ones entertained and engaged by taking them to Santa’s Workshop. Here, they can create their very own Christmas ornaments at specially designed workbenches. Crafted with love, these ornaments help preserve the magic of the night, and double as heartwarming gifts for grandparents. If you are planning to gift the ornaments to someone special, make sure you take a moment to capture your kids hard at work crafting their ornaments. When you wrap up the ornaments, include the picture – it’s sure to make their heart melt when they hang them on their tree year after year. Each ornament craft kit is just $6.95, and there are lots of adorable ornament kits to choose from.

More Holiday Fun at Lights Alive!

You may have checked off these 3 essential holiday tasks, but the fun is far from over at Lights Alive. Here are some of our favorite things to do there:

  1. Christmas Friends Scavenger Hunt

Embark on a quest to locate the hidden stuffed-animal friends scattered throughout the Winter Wonderland. As you find them all, unscramble the letters to reveal a secret word. This is a fun challenge for both kids and adults!

  1. Create Your Own Light Show on the 50 ft. Tree

Make your way to the grassy lawn, where you can take control of the lights on the 50ft tree. Use the Lights Alive app to program your own personalized display and watch in awe as your creation illuminates the massive tree. It’s a magical moment you will definitely want to capture on video.

  1. Test Your Family’s Wits in One of the Escape Rooms

For families with pre-teens and older kids, it’s time to put your problem-solving skills to the test in one of the thrilling 15-minute escape rooms. Can you crack the puzzles and escape from the gingerbread house or the mysterious yeti cave in time? Each escape room adventure costs $25 per group, and you can have up to six people in your group.

  1. Play in the Snow

Kids can run and twirl through the cascading snow bubbles that mimic the charm of real snowfall. The magic happens every 15 minutes on the grassy lawn, right by the 50ft Light Show Tree.

Santa and Fresh Fudge at Lights Alive San Antonio Christmas Light Show

  1. Indulge in Festive Flavors and Satisfy Your Holiday Cravings

Indulge your taste bunds with delicious holiday treats at Lights Alive. From freshly made fudge to warm roasted nuts, hot cocoa, a popcorn bar, and gourmet cotton candy with flavors like candy cane, gingerbread man, maple bacon, and even smoked brisket – you’re in for a delightful confectionary adventure. Food and drink prices range from $2.50 to $7.95.

  1. Kid-Safe Axe Throwing and Inflatable Games

The kids can work off some of that sugar while they try their hand at axe throwing, soccer darts and a collection of inflatable carnival games. Wristbands for unlimited play all night are priced at just $6.

  1. Make Christmas a Little Brighter for Local Foster Kids

Enjoy your night a little more, knowing that a portion of your ticket will be donated to 1Hope for Kids, a local foster care organization doing exceptional work in the San Antonio area. Lights Alive has been able to raise just over $80,000 in the past four seasons, helping local foster kids find a forever home.

Plan your Perfect Night

The holiday season is a time for making cherished memories with your loved ones, and Lights Alive offers a unique opportunity to do just that. With a captivating drive-thru light show, stress-free Santa photos, ornament crafting, and so many other fun activities, you can tackle your holiday to-do list while creating unforgettable moments with your family. Get your Lights Alive Tickets and start planning your perfect night.

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