Favor: How Busy Moms Juggle it All

This post is brought to you by Favor Delivery.

Raising kids can be a circus and I often feel like I’m the juggler—the amateur juggler, to be exact. I mean, I can keep most of the balls flying through the air each day, but without fail, there are times when I drop one—or several. Perhaps you can relate? 

Recently I had one of those days where I tried to squeeze way too many things into one twenty-four-hour period. There were the usual school drop-offs and pick-ups, extracurricular activities, chores, and childcare responsibilities. Additionally, I had a PTA newsletter to write, a weekend trip to coordinate, a Sunday school lesson to plan, a doctor’s appointment to make… (You get the picture.) It wasn’t until I was chasing my ten-month-old around the lobby of my daughter’s ballet school that I realized I had zero plans for dinner. It had just started pouring buckets of rain outside and we really needed to get home to start our school-night routine. Sitting in a drive-through with my three tired kids just wasn’t going to cut it. 

Favor to the rescue!

I quickly grabbed my phone and pulled up the Favor app. Within minutes I had ordered burgers and they were delivered to my doorstep shortly after we arrived home. Everyone ate and got to bed on time, which was a big win! Not to mention that the Favor app made the whole process beyond easy. Ordering was simple and I was able to customize everyone’s meal to their liking (daughter hates ketchup, son hates mustard, and so on). The Runner communicated with me when they picked up the food and after it was delivered. Extra props for driving through a torrential downpour!

If burgers aren’t your thing, know that there are countless types of restaurants to choose from. No kidding—every type of cuisine is represented. Didn’t have time to go to Starbucks before your first meeting? Let Favor bring it to you. Need a couple dozen donuts for volunteers at the church service project? Favor will have everyone fed in no time. Packed yourself a lunch and then left it on the counter? Favor can turn your stress into tacos. 

Fun Fact: Favor is part of the H-E-B family. Here in San Antonio our love for H-E-B runs deep. Get everything you need for your home along with all your favorite drinks, snacks, and flowers via H-E-B Delivery powered by Favor!

While food is certainly one of my love languages, Favor has also won my heart by delivering items from places like H-E-B, Target, Walgreens, and more. So when you’re in the middle of bath time and realize there are no more diapers, use Favor. When your little darling comes to you during dinner prep to share that they have a project due tomorrow and you have no glue, posterboard, or glitter, use Favor. When you run out of allergy meds but still need to plow through your inbox without sneezing every two seconds, Favor for the win. 

Life and parenting are more than just juggling three balls. It’s juggling a hundred flaming arrows while riding a unicycle across the tightrope. We all need things that make navigating the circus a little bit easier and Favor does just that. Their user-friendly app, quick turnaround, and variety of services make it ideal for busy mamas like you and me. Download the app today and let them add some cookies calm to your crazy. 

Download the app and then use code ALAMOCITYMOMS to unlock a $20 delivery credit (code expires 12/31/2022).

When Whitney fell in love with a handsome Texan, she just knew that someday they would call Texas home. Her three favorite things about San Antonio are the tacos, the family-friendly feel, and the school her children attend--Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children. Whitney is a former ninth grade English teacher and proud mama of two redheads nicknamed GingerSnap (daughter born in 2014) and GingerDude (son born in 2017). Her son is deaf and has bilateral cochlear implants. Sunshine Cottage provided all the tools needed to turn GingerDude into a little chatterbox and Whitney into the hearing loss/listening and spoken language advocate that she is. When she isn’t volunteering at Sunshine Cottage, Whitney spends her time serving in organizations at church, spreading awareness and encouragement on Instagram, and keeping the Weaver household in working order. She tries to make time each day to go for a run and her favorite thing to do on a Saturday is hike at a nearby state park with her family. Favorite Restaurant: Thai Dee Favorite Landmark: The Riverwalk Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Fiesta Decorations and Attire