Eight Reasons to Love Living in Stone Oak

Nearly 10 years ago, my now-husband and I decided to move to San Antonio without ever having visited Texas. Our situation was unique in that we had to go wherever he found a job willing to sponsor his Visa, and I was (and still am) so in love, that I was willing to go anywhere just to be together.

A few months before the big move, my mother and I travelled together to San Antonio to begin our hunt for a place to live. I was overwhelmed by the number of apartment complexes, various intersecting highways, and the realization that San Antonio was actually like a bunch of small villages—all of which had their own unique character with pros and cons for living there. Finding the right place to live was going to be more of a challenge than I realized.

Looking back, I wish I would have found someone to help explain the different areas of San Antonio to me. We’ve always lived on the north side but moved into our dream home in the heart of Stone Oak in April 2021. Now that we are here, I cannot imagine living in any other part of San Antonio! Here are the reasons why I LOVE living in Stone Oak:

1. The Public Schools

If you are new to San Antonio, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer size of our school districts and the student population at each campus. North East Independent School District, one of the districts that serves Stone Oak, for example, has 70 campuses and is the second-largest school district in San Antonio. It will come as no surprise that these schools vary in their ratings and educational quality. The schools in the Stone Oak area— elementary through high school—are consistently among the highest rated. As a teacher myself, I am very picky about school systems, and I am highly impressed with the schools around Stone Oak.

2. Location, Location, Location

Just five years ago, I am not sure I would have been able to handle the traffic into the Stone Oak area during the major construction work on 281 North. Now, the highway is big and beautiful, and the traffic is a completely different story. We have lived in the center of Stone Oak for nearly a year now, and I can honestly say I have not been irritated by traffic even once. We are far enough away from downtown that we do not have to deal with some of the nuisances of living close to the city, but also close enough that a date night on the River Walk is only a 20-minute drive. We have easy access to all the major highways and the village-like convenience of drug stores, grocery stores, and restaurants just down the street.

3. The Views

While Stone Oak is not *technically* considered part of the Texas Hill Country, it certainly looks just like it. Our rolling hills, beautiful landscapes, and multiple canyons are absolutely gorgeous. In fact, the sunrise views from my backyard are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. If you don’t believe me, just take a drive down Stone Oak Parkway early one morning to see the vibrant pinks, oranges, and purples light up the sky. (If you’re looking for a date night idea, Aldaco’s Mexican Cuisine has a fabulous view from its patio overlooking the rolling hills of Stone Oak.)

4. Housing Options

I am the type of person who LOVES admiring gorgeous homes. Stone Oak offers everything from affordable apartment living to 6,000+ sq. ft. mansions. Additionally, it is less expensive than other areas of San Antonio, such as Alamo Heights. The homes are also newer than other areas of San Antonio, which saves homeowners the headache of certain upkeep that comes with an older home.

5. Family-Friendly Community

I would guess that the highly-rated school systems are a big draw for families—which is why Stone Oak has a very family-friendly community feel. There are various community pools and clubs that residents can join, and most neighborhoods have their own amenities such as pools, sports courts, or playgrounds. The sight of children playing outside is nearly constant when driving through the neighborhoods of Stone Oak, and there are a lot of family-friendly businesses such as restaurants, indoor playgrounds, and sports team opportunities.

6. Outdoor Recreation Options

San Antonio has more amazing parks and playgrounds than anywhere I have ever lived. The Stone Oak area is no exception! Having two (and soon to be three) young children, we spend a lot of time at parks and playgrounds. Just in Stone Oak alone, we have three or four regular favorites that each have their own unique draw. My children have even come up with their own ways to identify the parks we frequent with features such as “the musical park,” “the park with the good swings,” or “the library park.” There are also plenty of hiking trails, sidewalks along major roads for exercise and pedestrian access, and outdoor seating at most restaurants.

7. Restaurants

Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, American, Brazilian, or even Asian cuisine, you will find plenty of options in Stone Oak. Not only is there an amazing variety of restaurants to choose from, but you can also customize your price range. Maybe you are looking for something quick and affordable for the whole family (Jet’s Pizza is a personal favorite of mine.) or maybe you want a more elevated experience for a date night. (My husband and I love Silo and Kirby’s Steakhouse.)

8. Safety & Security

Stone Oak is also known for its gated communities, some of which have their own 24-hour security. According to neighborhoodscout.com, a few of the neighborhoods in the Stone Oak area are in the top 10 for safest neighborhoods in San Antonio.


Overall, there are lots of options when searching for the best neighborhood for your family in the San Antonio area. We are happy with where we have put down our roots and look forward to many more years making memories in this wonderful city!

A grateful San Antonio transplant that fled the midwestern winters at the first opportunity. Driven by her core values, faith, family, and knowledge, Stephanie and her husband are passionately raising their two daughters - Nikoletta (2017) and Eleni (2019). With a husband from Greece, travel is a big part of their family life along with their Greek Orthodox identity. Stephanie has a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and is a licensed teacher, dyslexia therapist, and school principal. She is also the CEO and Founder of The LD Expert, a nationwide company that brings the best tutoring and dyslexia intervention to schools and families through virtual instruction. Favorite Restaurant: Jets Pizza Favorite Landmark: Marriage Island Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Cascarones