Family Friendly Hiking Trails In and Around San Antonio

We spend a lot of time as moms thinking about what we feed our families.  We try our best to feed our kids balanced meals and to limit things like sugar, fat and highly processed foods and harmful chemicals.  Sometimes, we also try to find new ways to feed our families’ hearts and minds!  How can we give our kids something fun, relaxing, and good for their heart, mind and body?  One of the best ways I know to bring my family together and do something that is good for our bodies that also connects us to the world around us, and relaxes and de-stresses us all is to grab a back pack, fill up a few water bottles and hit the hiking trails in and around our great city.  Hiking burns more than 300 calories an hour, so it is great work out for everyone.  More than that, hiking gets the whole family out of the house, away from TV, computers and the endless to do list we all having staring us down every Saturday morning!  Stress management, meditation and health professionals all agree that hiking is a wonderful way to connect with nature, move the body and calm our stress hormones!  So, let’s get hiking!

Most of the nature and hiking areas around our area are open from sunrise to sunset.  Some larger nature areas that allow overnight camping have extended hours.

Here are some of our favorites, but there are many more.  Get out and find a hiking area that is just right for you and your family….see you on the trails!

Friedrich Wilderness Park  21395 Milsa Road  San Antonio, TX 78256

We love Friedrich Park because it has a large range of trails – there are several you can hike with a stroller or wheelchair with no problem – and there are trails that are the top of the challenging range requiring real skill and physical fitness so there is something for everyone!  Friedrich Park is also a bird sanctuary and you can hear and watch all types of birds while hiking.  The trails are well maintained and very family friendly.christina guest 1

Crown Ridge Canyon Natural Area 7222 Luskey Blvd.  San Antonio, TX 78256

Crown Ridge Canyon hiking trails are great for beginners, runners and those looking to get in a quick hike before or after work.  These trails are not ideal for strollers, but they are extremely level with a mild level of difficulty.  I often hit these trails when I have just 30 -45 minutes to get in a good workout and want to be outside enjoying nature to do it!

Eisenhower Park  19399 Military Hwy  San Antonio, TX 78256

Eisenhower Park is an awesome natural area with miles of hiking that is both stroller and wheel chair friendly.  There are plenty of more challenging terrains for the athletes in your family as well.  Eisenhower is one of the larger parks and they often have Parks& Wildlife events where your children can learn about South Texas animals, investigate fossils and even participate in nature themed arts and crafts.  In the front area where all the trail heads are, Eisenhower Park has a nice large play ground and rock wall for kids to play on.  This is a great park to meet up with friends and family, take a hike and then play and picnic!

Lost Maples State Natural Area  37221 FM 187  Vanderpool, TX 78885

RIGHT now is the right time to visit this awesome hiking and camping area about a 90 minute drive from San Antonio.  Every year when the temperatures change in the right pattern, the hundreds of maple trees covering this area turn the most stunning golden and fire colors.  The hiking trails are lovely and there are areas where you can fish, camp, roast marshmallows and enjoy the awesome views. christina guest 2

Enchanted Rock  16710 Ranch Rd. 965  Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Enchanted Rock is an awesome hiking area and a great place to explore the Hill Country’s treasure of granite and rock formations.  The hike can be quite challenging and most parts of the actual Rock are not conducive to strollers or wheelchairs, but there are plenty of beautiful trails in the basin to explore this awesome area!  It is only a 20 minute drive from the Fredericksburg area, so what we like to do is make a weekend out of it and head back to town for a delicious German dinner and stay in one of the nice B&Bs in the area.

About Christina

guest blogger christinaChristina is a fourth generation Texan and moved with her husband, Jonathan to San Antonio, Texas. In August 2008, they welcomed their son, Alexander Reece. In May 2013, Alex became a big brother to twins, Anastasia and Andrew. Christina founded Eat 2 Live with a powerful mission to feed the hearts, minds and bodies of Texas and American families. Eat 2 Live’s mission is built on the understanding that by feeding our hearts and minds well, we develop a stronger desire to feed our bodies well. What enables Christina to speak on this topic and inspire children to seek a life-long healthy relationship with food and their bodies, is drawing from lessons she learned overcoming a seven-year battle with anorexia and bulimia. Christina leverages her personal experience as well as national nutrition guidelines to provide students and their parents with a good understanding of WHAT to do and HOW to do it so that we can all Eat 2 Live Daily and live the best life possible.

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