Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Tips to Beat the summer Heat

With Texas summers being so extreme in the heat department, it’s important to be able to stay cool with your kiddos. Yep, not only do we have to worry about summer boredom, but we also have to worry about keeping our kiddos safe from sunburns and too much heat. Having survived a couple summers myself with my own kiddo in Texas with a broken AC has given me time to collect some tips on how to stay cool during summer.

Here they go and hope they help:

1. Stay hydrated! Keep cool water handy around your kiddo to keep them hydrated. Yes, I know juices and soda might seem enticing but they wont do the job like water will.

2. Stay covered outdoors! Wear a hat, cap, anything, but really cover your head when the sun is out. It will help you stay cool.

3. Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! I can’t say it enough but protect your skin and your kiddos. This won’t help you stay cool but it’s very important with this extreme heat.

4. Wear loose fitting clothes while outdoors under the sun. Allow room to let air in and let your skin breathe.

5. Be smart about the shade. Unless you have to be under the sun outdoors, take advantage of a shady spot. Enjoy the breeze under a tree and have a picnic or read some books.

6. Plan ahead. On really hot days think of fun places to go that are indoors with AC. There are plenty of fun museums in San Antonio to enjoy during the hottest part of the day that are very kid-friendly so take advantage of them.

7.  If you do want to have outdoor fun in the sun, do it early in the morning when it’s still cool or in the late afternoon when it’s getting cool again. The San Antonio Zoo has early hours and you are sure to catch more animal activity before they themselves hide out from the sun. The mid-day is the worst! It’s when it’s the hottest and the sun is the brightest so avoid it if possible!

8. Water Fun! Head out to your local pool or water park and cool off in the water. Summer time heat means summer time water fun!

9. Food choices? Try some cold watermelon, grapes, apples. Fruits are great summer treats because they give you energy and are juicy. But of course you have to indulge once in a while and have ice cream, raspas or paletas which you are sure to find around town.

10. Enjoy your Summer! We live in Texas ya’ll, so high temperatures are year round and we should be pros at surviving the summer heat. Now winter… I can’t help you there. Anything below 70 and I’m under a blanket.




Alvina is a born and raised San Antonio mom. She has a 4 year old boy who is her world and is an animal lover with a dog and cats at home. She loves to craft, thrift, cook and explore her city with her munchkin. You will normally spot her with more than one camera at a time because she is in love with photography! She blogs about San Antonio life, events, parenting, crafts and more on her blog There’s Magic Out There. She also makes kids crafts & activities over at Gummy She is obsessed with pinterest and you can also find her on twitter. Stop by and say hi!


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