Nine Healthy San Antonio Eateries to Enjoy Beyond January

After almost two years of COVID, there are very few of us who didn’t see 2022 as an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and make some healthier choices. Of course, a healthy lifestyle is much more than just a “diet.” But for many of us, we can make really positive changes by making better food choices.

A staggering 80% of us have given up on our New Year’s resolutions by February 1st—and I totally get it! January is long, depressing, poor, cold, and dark—but the new month definitely gives us a fresh opportunity to work on our health. And what better time is there to explore the healthier options the Alamo City has to offer?

While I can’t hit the gym or attend a workout class for you, I can do the leg work to help you find a healthy meal or snack. So here are nine of the best San Antonio eateries serving healthy food—from breakfast to late-night snacks and everything in between.

1. Jugo Juicery

One of the original—and definitely the best (IMO)—providers of juices, smoothies, and bowls in San Antonio, Jugo is the perfect stop for a tasty breakfast or pick-me-up after a workout or school drop off. Choose from a selection of juices, pre-built bowls, or create your own smoothie bowl with a base of açai, pitaya, matcha, and more. Add fresh fruits, granola, and some health-boosting “sprinkles,” and serve.

Really want to kick your behind into gear after a month of Christmas indulgence and, well, a month of denial? Jugo also offers a juice cleanse package. Choose from one, three, or five days of their signature cold-pressed juices and detox tea to give your system a thorough reset.

There are currently three open Jugo locations: Alon, Helotes, and Alamo Ranch. Two more (Forum Pointe and Bitters Crossing) are in the works, so there will be even more opportunities to enjoy a smoothie bowl soon.

photo courtesy of Thyme for Lunch

2. Thyme For Lunch

Don’t let the name fool you, Thyme For Lunch is also open for breakfast, and its menu is extensive! From sweet and savory waffles to eggs Benedict, breakfast bowls, and omelets, there are plenty of options to satisfy your cravings while keeping your resolutions intact. There are lots of vegan choices, and they proudly cater to gluten-free and keto-friendly diets, too.

For the lunch crowd, Thyme For Lunch has freshly-made sandwiches, soups, salads, and bowls. You don’t even have to feel guilty about indulging your sweet tooth, as their desserts are freshly made, and their cheesecakes are only available in miniature.

I really wanted to flag this great, healthy eatery on my list, but beware that it’ll be closed from February to May 2022 while the owner recovers after surgery.

3. First Course Salad Kitchen

If you like the Salata chain, then meet its locally owned and operated counterpart, First Course Salad Kitchen. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that this place pretty much kept me going when I was pregnant and unable to eat anything heavier than a salad.

Their build-your-own salad bowls and wraps are stuffed full of as many veggies and add-ons as you like, mixed with fresh, house-made dressings like horseradish ranch, green goddess, and cucumber vinaigrette, and crowned with freshly-grilled chicken, steak, or salmon. They also have a whole host of tasty pre-built options to choose from, from Argentine steak wraps with hummus to a spicy chicken Caesar salad with egg and red pepper flakes.

Sure, it’s *just* a salad, but it’s probably the tastiest salad you can find in San Antonio.

Photo courtesy of Pharm Table

4. Pharm Table

Pharm Table’s mission is simple: to help you to “nourish yourself.” Their plant-forward cuisine showcases both seasonal, locally-sourced produce and global spices; removing dairy, wheat, processed food, and refined sugar to create an “anti-inflammatory way of cooking real food.”

The menu is a delicious mish-mash of cuisines, from Mexican to Thai, Indian to classic American. Though the dishes can cater to vegetarian and vegan diets, there are high-quality proteins—chicken, beef, and market fish—on offer, too. They proudly pickle and ferment their own vegetables and slaws in-house.

Pharm Table is more than a restaurant, though. Though they are open for lunch, happy hour (20% off food and drinks!), dinner, and weekend brunch, Chef Elizabeth also offers pre-made meal plans, office catering, and more.

Photo courtesy of Pharm Table

5. The Good Kind

Even the name of this restaurant sounds wholesome, but there’s definitely more to The Good Kind than that! Owned and operated by former Chopped competitor and James Beard Fellow Tim McDiarmid, this casual spot offers healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, as well as snacks and drinks in its huge Southtown garden lounge.

The Good Kind really shines for brunch: their cold pressed botanical cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to a spicy chicken sandwich or “good morning glory bread”—a sweet, moist carrot and nut bread served with salty date butter. If your cocktail has immune-boosting or anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s definitely acceptable to have more than one! 

The all-day menu has some good, solid offerings, from market salads with fresh and unusual dressings to fish or cauliflower tacos, sandwiches, and soups.

Photo courtesy of Pasha Mediterranean Grill

6. Pasha Mediterranean Grill

Local favorite Pasha has four locations—Medical Center, 1604/Stone Oak, Culebra, and Selma—and plenty of healthy options to tempt your tastebuds.

I go to Pasha for the falafel, which is definitely the best I’ve had in the Alamo City. Does falafel count as a healthy option?! Let’s say yes, because surely the goodness of the garbanzos is enough to counter their quick dip in oil. Whether you’re looking to get the family together for sharing plates—dips, breads, salads, and more—or a quick solo lunch between errands, Pasha has a large and varied all-day menu. Its informal atmosphere makes it perfectly child-friendly, and it’s a great way to introduce young kids to the tastes of Mediterranean food.

Photo courtesy of Chill Vibez Nutrition

7. Chill Vibez Nutrition

I’m definitely more of a power walker than someone who actually works out (Does it still count as “baby weight” if your baby is now a toddler?), but Chill Vibez doesn’t discriminate. Their delicious shakes are for everyone!

With 24 grams of protein and around 250 calories (which is considerably less than a Frappuccino from Starbucks), Chill Vibez has a huge range of shakes with creamy vanilla, chocolate, and fruity flavors. They also have incredible fruity teas, matcha, and coffee. There are plenty of pre- and post-workout options and add-ins, if that’s your thing.

Photo courtesy of Viva Vegeria

8. Viva Vegeria

Healthy food and tacos don’t really seem to fit in the same thought pattern, but Viva Vegeria is (thankfully) trying to change that! This is some seriously colorful and tasty food: tacos, nachos, tortilla soup, and more—all vegan, and all gluten-free. Everything is made from scratch. Don’t worry if this doesn’t sound like your usual spot, even the non-vegan diners rave about this place.

Located on Nogalitos, this is an unassuming spot, but the ambiance (especially in the garden) and the service are both on point. It may have changed hands a couple of times since it opened a decade ago, but Viva Vegeria can still claim to be San Antonio’s first vegan and gluten-free Tex Mex restaurant.

Heads up: if your healthy Mexican cravings extend to tamales, you’ll need to call and order 24 hours in advance.

Photo courtesy of Local Health Market

9. Local Health Market

Not an eatery per se, but Local Health Market provides a full range of goodies to help keep your diet clean and your body healthy. With prepared healthy meals and snacks, açai bowls, cold-pressed juices and smoothies, and supplements, this one-stop-shop is located on Huebner.

LHM is the brainchild of Sarah Treat, a nutritionist who specializes in slow and steady fat loss, digestive restoration, and autoimmune nutrition; and her husband Jason. Their collective knowledge of food, exercise, and supplements helps them provide customers with the support they need to meet their goals.

You can, of course, drop in to the shop, but you can also work with Sarah to create a customized nutrition plan and order prepared meals for pick-up or delivery. With lots of options for breakfast (oat bake, protein parfait, keto egg muffins), lunch (chicken salad lettuce wraps, rainbow salad, soups), and dinner (lean lasagna, chicken pot pie, beef and broccoli), as well as snacks, there’s a lot to love about their tasty offerings.

I hope you’ve found a couple of healthy new places to discover on this list! What’s your go-to spot for healthy lunch on the go? Share your favorite with me and the whole ACM community in the comments.

Natalie is the editor and content manager of Alamo City Moms. A proud Brit, she moved to Texas in late 2017 to be with her husband, a native San Antonian; she became a US Citizen in 2022. Their son was born in October 2020, and they are one and won! She spent the frivolous years of her early 20s pursuing a PhD in Renaissance history, living in Venice, Italy, and teaching. She pivoted into editing when she moved to the US, and joined the ACM team as a contributing writer in summer 2021. The rest, as they say, is history! Natalie lives on the north side of San Antonio with her husband, son, and their English cocker spaniel Oban. She loves searching out and sharing the best places to eat, drink coffee, and shop in San Antonio, and she’s never shy about sharing the highs - and lows - of motherhood. Favorite Restaurant: Tardifs Brasserie Favorite Landmark:World’s Largest Cowboy Boots Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Riverwalk Christmas Lights