Hung Out to Dry – Trying 2ULaundry, a Pickup and Delivery Laundry Service  

This article is brought to you by 2ULaundry.

I dropped my drawers on my front porch… and my pants, and sheets and some dry cleaning, too. 

Time is precious during the school year. Between the kid’s homework, spots, clubs, school events and social life, work, and my own social and emotional well being, I find myself really analyzing how we’re spending our time. Generally speaking, the biggest time intensive chore in my household (and I’d be willing to bet any household) is laundry. The collecting, sorting, doing, drying, folding and putting away takes HOURS of my life and precious family time each week. We’ve tried lots of different methods and it still seems to be something that is just never quite under control. 

2ULaundry helps manage the laundry load and gives my family back precious weekend time together. If you’re thinking about outsourcing something in your home, I can’t recommend a laundry service any more highly. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up on their website or add the app to your phone and create an account – in your account you can note your preferences for detergent and more
  • Your Welcome Kit with all the laundry bags will be delivered 
  • Sort your laundry into linens, regular wash and fold laundry, dry cleaning and delicates/hang dry (no need to sort by color!)
  • Schedule your laundry pick up and place your laundry bags out for pickup 
  • Ta da! Your laundry is returned the next business day, neatly folded and ready to be put away

I appreciate that I can separate my linens (towel and sheets) from the rest of my laundry so they don’t take up space in my laundry bag. Dry cleaning and anything that you’d like hung dry (like shirts that might shrink, workout gear, dressy clothes) is safe in the designated bag and all the rest goes into the main laundry bag. The 2ULaundry pros sort, treat and launder your family’s clothes and linens with care. 

2ULaundry offers pay-as-you-go service and monthly plans, making it easy to fit the service into your schedule and budget. 

Use code SATMOMS for 50% off your first three orders

The ‘on demand’ nature of 2ULaundry makes it easy to schedule a pickup when necessary or have one each week. You can even schedule two laundry pickups in one week (hello overlapping sports seasons when the uniforms pile up so fast!). When it’s pickup day, just put whatever bags out you need washed and they’ll be cleaned and returned to you. 

Your time is valuable and laundry is one of the most time consuming things parents do to take care of their households. Get some of that time back and take a chore off your list. Everyone in my household was impressed with the service and I loved the ease of use from packaging to scheduling.

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