Elevate Your Well-Being: 6 Ways San Antonio Moms Can Thrive at the Veteran Wellness Center!

This article is brought to you by Endeavors.

Discover your wellness bliss at this one-of-a-kind wellness center. 

The self-care movement is gaining momentum, and we’re all about it! 

Welcome to a world where self-care isn’t selfish: it’s your secret to conquering the chaos with style and grace. Embrace a happier, healthier you at the Endeavors Veteran Wellness Center in San Antonio.

Don’t let the name fool you—the Veteran Wellness Center is open to the entire community, and every membership supports a Veteran! Run by the San Antonio humanitarian organization Endeavours to promote wellness and suicide prevention, this hidden gem located in the medical district is your ticket to a whole new level of well-being. The best part? Many of these life-enhancing services come at little to no cost. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a vibrant, rejuvenated you! And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a veteran to enjoy these amazing wellness perks.

  1. Disability-Inclusive Fitness: Get your sweat on at our accessible fitness center featuring adaptive fitness equipment to accommodate all mobility levels. Whether you’re a workout warrior or a newbie, there are machines, weights, and a self-guided yoga area for everyone! Memberships start at just $15/month for veterans and $20/month for the community. Plus, every dime goes toward supporting Endeavors’ veterans’ suicide prevention programs.
  2. Guided Group Workouts: Spice up your fitness routine with weekly group fitness classes, from high-energy Zumba to the zen yoga-pilates mix of BOOM Mind. All classes are included in your membership. 
  3. Nutrition Support: The custom Endeavors App is free with your membership, and is just like having a nutritionist in your pocket! Set a daily nutrition goal, get one-on-one support from a live personal coach, access meal and recipe suggestions, and track your progress!
  4. Electro- and Light Therapy: Perhaps the VWC’s coup de grâce is its ultra-zen Wellness Room. Featuring a Mindfulness Chair, light therapy, electrotherapy, and aromatherapy, this relaxing oasis is perfect for moms seeking new ways to treat stress, anxiety, insomnia, or depression. A 30-minute session is just $10 and can be customized to treat your specific wellness concerns. Bonus: Wellness Room sessions are FREE for the month of September! Book your session here.
  5. Woman-Owned Coffee Bar: When you walk into the Veteran Wellness Center, you’ll find yourself in one of the most peaceful (and Insta-worthy, in our opinion) community spaces in San Antonio. Part workspace, part hang-out, the Connectedness Space is open to all and boasts a woman-veteran-owned coffee bar that is to die for. Reveille Coffee Co. is open from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. every weekday and offers an extensive menu of hot drinks, smoothies, post-workout protein shakes, and pastries. It’s the perfect spot for remote work or meeting up with a friend!
  6. Local Wellness Experts: The Veteran Wellness Center is home to a full spectrum of providers, making it your one-stop destination for all things wellness. Need a headache clinic? Physical therapy? Legal counsel? After your light therapy session, head into the Headache Clinic of San Antonio, Flagship Health, Outcomes Therapy, Total Insights Psychiatry, TMLA Insurance, or Marc Whitehead & Associates.
  7. A Zen Mid-Errand Break: Located near UTSA and Barnes & Noble, the VWC is perfect for escaping the crowd during errands, with or without your kids! Sip your coffee, let your child engage with nature at the live moss wall, or play a table game together in the connectedness space. This beautifully designed space has tons of natural lighting and live plants, and is perfect for recharging at any point during your crazy day!

When you’re at your best, you can give your best. The Endeavors Veteran Wellness Center is your oasis for self-investment, health improvement, and connection with fellow wellness enthusiasts. Whether you’re finding peace in the Wellness Room, getting your sweat on in the gym, or grabbing a freshly brewed drink with a new friend, the doors are wide open for you.

Looking for a way to get the whole family into wellness? Endeavors is hosting a FREE WellFest at the Veteran Wellness Center on Saturday, Sept. 23. The event features a jam-packed lineup of wellness activities from yoga and body combat demonstrations to drum circles, guided meditation, art therapy stations, a petting zoo, and more! The festival is free to all, but if you’d like to support Endeavors’ mission, you can register for the 5K Run/Walk that benefits their veteran suicide prevention programs.

Follow @endeavorsvwc.satx for the latest on fitness classes, wellness services, and promotions. Remember, you deserve to shine inside and out!

Endeavors is a longstanding national non-profit that provides an array of programs and services in support of children, families, veterans, and those struggling with mental illness and other disabilities. Endeavors serves vulnerable people in crisis through innovative personalized services. For more information, please visit endeavors.org.

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