Must-Try Places in San Antonio for People Who Miss Mexico

I love living in San Antonio and I’m grateful for the city that I now call home. BUT, like any transplant, I get homesick sometimes, and there is nothing better to cure it than a little taste that reminds me of home. 

There are many amazing Mexican restaurants in San Antonio, so I surveyed some friends and made a list of the places that offer tried-and-true authentic Mexican food for when you’re craving the flavors from home. And even if you’ve never lived in México before, you’ll have to try these dishes because they’re the real thing!

Photo credit: Tu Asador

Antojitos from Tu Asador. I wish this place existed when I was pregnant with my first child, because I craved “Enchiladas Regias” so bad and I never found a place here in San Antonio that offered enchiladas like the ones they have in Monterrey, until now.


Photo credit: El Pastor es mi Señor

Tacos al pastor from El Pastor es Mi Señor. These are authentic al pastor tacos, like the ones you would find in México City—pineapple included.

Tortas ahogadas from Ro-Ho Pork and Bread. Ask anyone from Guadalajara living in the Alamo City and they will tell you this place tastes just like home. Their carnitas are superb too. 

Chilaquiles from Vida Mía. If you haven’t been to this place, you’re missing out. You can’t go wrong with any item on their menu, but their chilaquiles are to die for.

Photo credit: Christine Wong/Vida Mia Mexican Cuisine

Gorditas from Doña Tota. If you grew up in Northern Mexico, Gorditas Doña Tota probably holds a special place in your heart. These taste just like the originals from Cd. Vitoria, Tamaulipas, no explanation needed. Four locations in San Antonio!

Barbacoa from Tlahco Mexican Kitchen. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can’t go wrong with this place. Everything has an authentic Mexican flavor, but their barbacoa is 100% approved by Mexican ex-pats.

Snacks from Holypops. They have delicious snacks that will remind you of your school days. We’re talking about Tostielotes and chamoyadas. Of course, the main event here is their amazing paletas—my children’s favorites are Vanilla-Gansito and mango with chamoy.

Photo credit: Holypops

Pan dulce from Guanajuato Bakery, Pan Dulce, and of course, La Panadería. Whether you’re craving conchas, marranitos, or even just a good bolillo, you now know where to go. 

If you want some good tacos you have to try the ones from Taquitos West Ave. and Tacos Metro Basílica.

Some other great places to try are Paloma Blanca, Frida, Cuishe, El Mirasol, and Aldaco’s. I’m sure I’m missing some other great options, so let me know what other must-try restaurants should be added to this list. As we say in México: “Panza llena, corazón contento!” which translates to, “Happy belly, happy heart.” Because these places will fill up both your tummy and your soul.

Born and raised in Mexico just two hours away from San Antonio, Alejandra moved to the Alamo City in 2010 with her husband. A year later they welcomed their first son, and in 2013 she officially became a mom of two boys. She has a degree in Communications from the University of Monterrey, and has worked as a writer and editor for both print and web media. A classically trained pianist, Alejandra currently freelances as a copy writer and translator. Favorite Restaurant: Palenque Grill Favorite Landmark: The Historic Pearl Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Fiesta de las Luminarias