Core Physique Review

The Stars Say It Works

Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow all swear by it.

But as a one time marathoner, avid kick-boxer and boot camper, I might have rolled my eyes when a woman said she had just had an awesome workout if she was wearing flip flops. I mean, there is no way she is working out as hard as I am while I am wearing my weighted gloves and doing a million lunges on the black asphalt parking lot of my gym, right?


2013-07-31 10.26.04
I wanted you to see the huge amount of sweat Pilates made from my very first class.

As a mom of a four month old and busy with life in general, I had hit a plateau in my quest to get my pre-baby body back and was excited when given the opportunity to try something so new to me… Core Physique Pilates. I loved they story of the entrepreneurial and local mom of two starting her own business in San Antonio.

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The studio is located at Blanco and 1604 (Between Whole Foods and Copenhagen Furniture)

A New Workout Studio – Core-Physique

I have completed three classes at Core Physique, the brand new San Antonio hotspot that tons of people are talking about since its grand opening just over a month ago. This true total body workout involves a big black megaformer (table), toe socks and really friendly people. Before my first class, I scoured their internet pictures and found I could wear normal workout pants and a shirt however the only strange thing I didn’t own were the “toe socks” with grippers… so I bought a pair there seconds before my first class started.

2013-08-05 13.25.44

The Slower The Better

Each class was fifty minutes long and half way through all three, I remember feeling like I was sweating as much as I would be running three miles outside in this Texas heat yet I wasn’t reeking havoc on my joints… something I never would have thought about before entering my 30’s.  I was shocked at how much my legs could shake from doing 1-2 minutes of different exercises called funny things like ‘Elevator,’ ‘Wheel Barrow,’ and ‘Sexy Back.’

This form of working out was 100% new to me but I always felt like an instructor was there to help explain what I needed to be doing and challenging me to slow down. Yes, their motto there is “the slower, the better.” I’m not going to lie, it was tough… but it was that really-good-this-is-making-me-leaner-and-stronger-kind-of-tough. My second class, I decided to pass on another “Beginner Class” (probably not the best idea) and move right on in with the pros to the “Megaformer” class. By the end every inch of my body was burning and shaking and I had to stop several times during the workout however I became addicted to the feeling it gave me. Even better, I have woken up three full days after each class with that good-kind-of-sore feeling. So much so that the consistent soreness has helped me make better decisions while deciding what to eat over the last two weeks. No joke.

2013-08-05 13.24.39
Me… the before.
After…. Just kidding, however I aspire to be as strong and lean at Jill.
After…. Just kidding, however I aspire to be as strong and lean at Jill.
During my 2nd class I met Jill working out next to me and found out she is also an instructor.
During my 2nd class I met Jill and found out she is also an instructor.

Easy To Start & First Class For Everyone Is Free

The process for me to sign up on the website was super easy and I saw that everyone gets ONE CLASS FREE! The variety of class times definitely met my working mom of three schedule. I first opted for the 6AM class so that everyone was still asleep and just waking up as I walked back in my front door, then I tried out the Saturday morning class and even one over lunch.

So if you’re new to this form of working out or are an old pilates pro, I guarantee you will be challenged and will be sore (if you go slow!)

Core Physique provided Megan with 3 complimentary classes. All opinions and reviews are her own.

Megan is a serious bargain shopper, Boxer loving, research junkie kinda gal. Chances are she can tell you the best item to buy from everything from a baby monitor to a dishwasher. She claims to be the blogger on the team that will never win an award for being an eloquent writer. In fact, she prides herself in graduating from Texas A&M University (’02) without ever having to write a paper! San Antonio born and raised, Megan learned early in life to always learn from others and she enjoys sharing helpful tips she encounters while navigating this ‘kid chapter’ of life. The three little people that gave her the title of mom and thus the inspiration to get out and explore our city, from a child’s perspective, are Carter (2006), Addie (2008) and Delaney (2013). She’ll admit, the third one has been WAY more work than they ever expected but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Her motto now is “What ever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,” right?! Megan has a serious to-do list addiction which one day may need intervention; for now, this aliment allows her to accomplish the many balls she has the energy to juggle. She may be an outlier to some but loves working outside the home and is grateful for her working-mom-friendly company and career in sales, which gives her the best of both worlds. Although, Megan will be the first to tell you, without her ridiculously amazing husband and hands-on-dad, Blake, she wouldn’t be able to do any of it. Like most women, half the time she feels like she has it all together and the other part, she’s treading water trying not to drown. But as of now, she wouldn’t change a thing.