Best Breakfast Spots in San Antonio: 2024 Edition

We can all empathize with that feeling of waking up on the weekend, not wanting to cook breakfast for the family… and then coming up empty on a breakfast spot that’s both hangry-child friendly and has great coffee. 

My little family falls under the unfortunate category of early-risers. I’m convinced that the natural clocks of my children are all run by robots that require no sleep. My husband and I have no use for a traditional alarm clock as our children pounce on the bed or tiptoe into our room at 6am with the inevitable (dreaded) question: “what’s for breakfast?” 

Once we rub the exhaustion from our eyes and get a consensus for what the kids are craving, we flip through our mental rolodex of favorites and hit the road! Our family favorites are tried and true, have quality coffee and are definitely hangry-child friendly. 

  1. Snooze: 3 Locations – The Quarry, Stone Oak & Huebner  

Wait time: This place is good no matter what time your family wakes up. We are typically doorbusters and have a seat by 7am, but on the rare occasions when we were gifted extra sleep, the wait time for a table by 9am is still reasonable. If you head out after that, I’d recommend reserving a table ahead of time on their app or calling ahead and placing your name on the waitlist. 

Food: Their menu rotates seasonally and is always guaranteed to satisfy. They choose from local produce and apply their craft to the seasonal plates, which always makes for a dish that hits the spot! If your kids are jonesin for pancakes – this place is their haven. Snooze has a variety of flavors that are sure to speak to even the pickiest eater. Did I mention that they have a pancake of the week? Some of our family favorites have been the blueberry pancake stack, pumpkin pie, and their riff on cinnamon toast crunch! Again – those are on rotation so you’ll have to peek at their sign to see what the weekly flavor is.

Ambiance: Do you like eating outdoors? This place has it. Do you prefer indoors? Duh – this place has it. Do you like a mix of the two? This place ALSO has it! 

Stuffed French Toast @ Snooze; Angela A-Zaiontz 2023

2) Box Street All Day: 2 Locations – Hemisfair & La Cantera Heights

Wait time: Hallelujah for great service and big spaces! The Hemisfair location is a great space with plenty of seating, making for short wait times if you go at opening or near closing. Their doors open at 9am every day, which allows for extra snuggles and taming of bed hair before breakfast or brunch. If there happens to be a short wait, there is a *literal* park next door with amazing playscapes for everyone! Their La Cantera location similarly has a green space directly behind the location for exploring or walking off the post-brunch haze. 

Food: Are you kidding me? Their food is out of this world. A personal favorite of mine is the Box St Brekky with a sharable plate of their Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast. My kids dive head first into the Frenchie Sticks and Lil’ Thiccy Pancakes! Edward Garcia III, Chef partner of the Box Street Social knocks it out of the park with his creativity, mashing flavors and textures into the perfect dishes that everyone can enjoy. 

Ambiance: If you’re up for a vibe that evokes easy-breezy morning with a punch of color, both locations are the place! The intentional design and layout of the restaurants invite both small and large groups for a guaranteed great time. You can even bring your pup along for outdoor seating! The Box Street location at La Cantera is relatively new – it opened Thursday, January 11th –  and is a space made for chill mornings with happy vibes! This location also stays open until 9pm, Monday-Saturday for those evenings when you want to socialize and graze a little longer.

Little hands coloring the pictures on the child's menu at Box Street All Day.
Credit: Box Street All Day; 2024 Carolina Garcia

3) Pancake Joes: 1011 Donaldson Ave, San Antonio, TX 78228

Wait time: The fact that this place opens at 7am gives early risers a chance to dine at their preferred time, with minimal wait times. They are usually very busy by around 9:30am, so if you’ll be heading out near then, bring some entertainment for the kids and anticipate a small wait. 

Food: Let me start off by saying that this menu has 12 omelet options – eggciting if you or your kids love a protein-packed breakfast! If pancakes are what you’re after, don’t worry – there are 7 customizable options that will leave you beyond satisfied. A personal favorite of mine is their triple berry pancakes with a side of bacon. That dish hits the spot for me every single time! My husband is more of a savory guy, so his go-to is either a frittata or meat omelet. 

Ambiance: This place makes me feel like I’m in a well-loved diner that is staffed by extended family. There are plenty of tables and a few booths to choose from – if you have a big party, it’s best to call ahead and see how your seating can be accommodated. Parking is also available directly in front of the restaurant, but overflow parking is located across the street.

4) Oblate Cafe: 904 Oblate Dr, San Antonio, TX 78216

Wait time: With an opening time of 6am, the wait times vary depending on what time you show up to dine! The earlier you arrive, the shorter the wait times – the crowds tend to flock there on Sunday and Saturday morning at around 9am. This place is definitely family friendly, with both highchairs and infant seating available. 

Food: As a native San Antonian, I’m used to the seasonal “taco wars” and the duals that take place between us and a certain city located up Highway 35N. Oblate Cafe, in my opinion, rules the roost! They always comes up in my top three favorite taco joints, but this is also a top choice for where my family chooses to enjoy breakfast. Their menu is traditional and offers the standard taco combinations, but where they stand out is the quality of the food. Their tacos are well stuffed and everything is always fresh! If you’re not up for tacos, their menu has a variety of other options and plates to choose from as well.

Ambiance: The restaurant has been a staple in the area for almost 20 years and is well appreciated for it’s nostalgic ambiance and dependable seating area. The interior is open, wide and is always filled with the aroma of the magic thats taking place in the kitchen. If you want to dine somewhere that feels like you’re in your tia’s kitchen, this is the place for you.