Education Elevated Through BTX Charter Schools

ACMB is partnering with BTX Charter Schools to share information about primary school opportunities and openings at BASIS Charter Schools. This is a sponsored post.

Did you know that your children have access to a tuition-free, world-class education right here in San Antonio?

The best schools in the nation are expanding! BTX Schools is opening two primary schools, to service grades K–5, in the Alamo City.

Be Inspired

BTX Schools inspire children to love learning, be independent and formulate their own goals, and graduate prepared for top-tier colleges. Our model includes: accelerated liberal arts, math, and science studies, as well as an introduction to subjects like Mandarin Chinese and engineering in Kindergarten. This model, while rigorous, gets results!

BASIS Charter Schools were ranked among the top high schools in the nation by the U.S. News & World Report and among America’s most challenging high schools by The Washington Post.

Two Teachers in Every Classroom

BTX Schools are unique. They know that teaching works best when learning experts and subject experts work together. You see, every BTX classroom has two teachers. One is a Learning Expert Teacher (LET) who specializes in early childhood education, and the other is a Subject Expert Teacher (SET) who holds a minimum four-year degree in their respective area of expertise. Your first grade student will be learning math from a teacher with a mathematics degree, while being assisted by an education specialist who is an expert in relating that information. This dual approach also means students get more one-on-one time with their instructors!

By combining exceptional teachers, student-driven learning, and unparalleled academic support, BTX Schools prepare students for the challenges of college, the working world, and beyond.

Education for Life

Do you want to give your children the gift of an excellent educational foundation? Empower them to pursue their passions and follow their dreams far beyond their days at school? Just imagine all of the opportunities that a BTX education will afford them down the road. A limited number of seats are available at our San Antonio Primary, North Central Campus.  Apply today!


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