What Every Person Moving Needs To Know

Alamo City Moms Blog has partnered with My Utilities to bring you information on their convenient services for anyone moving into a new home or simply wanting to save on their utility bills.

Friends don't let friends move without it.

It’s been more than five years since my family moved to our current home. At the time, we had just had Baby #2 and were still living in my husband’s bachelor pad. Needless to say, we were busting at the seams. That led us to put the house on the market. It sold in two weeks! I was scrambling to get our house packed and move to a new home. Between juggling two young children, living out of boxes, and working full-time, to-do items like researching the best options for TV, internet, water, gas, and electricity were low on my priority list. I made calls during my lunch breaks and sat on the phone too long only to rush through each conversation and agree to whatever they said so I could get service turned on by our move-in date. Five years later, we still have the same plans, and I have never taken the time to see if we could do better.


Given my experience, you can imagine my surprise when My Utilities, a Texas-based start-up company, explained how they handle this cumbersome task for home owners for FREE.

Yes, you heard right: it’s totally FREE!

I was skeptical at first, but the owner explained how they work much like free Apartment Finders, where the apartment company pays a fee versus the customer. Brilliant. That puts the power of competition in your favor without the headache.

Here’s how it works in the three easy steps:

1. Fill out your information on myutilities.com or call (888) 554-4609.
2. My Utilities researches providers in your area.
3. Then My Utilities will contact you, explain your options, and connect your utilities for FREE on your desired start date.

That’s it. One huge investment of time lifted off your shoulders, especially during a hectic move. The owner of My Utilities operates out of empathy because they have been there. They guarantee you’ll speak with people who care and are efficient throughout the whole process.

Whether you’re on the market to move or simply wanting to get the best deal, My Utilities saves homeowners precious time by researching and setting up the utilities for you. Regardless of the service—internet, water, TV, security, gas, or electricity—My Utilities finds the best options available in your area.

Do yourself a favor and give it a try. What do you have to lose…except more and more money every month?

For more information, visit the My Utilities website and also check out their blog for great moving tips.