Four Tips for Spring Cleaning

Alamo City Moms Blog has partnered with EnviroScent to bring our readers tips for Spring Cleaning. Thank you to EnviroScent for this sponsored post with so much valuable information!

With more than 72 percent of households spring cleaning every year (source: American Cleaning Institute), EnviroScent wants moms to know that the cleaning process is not complete until the air is fresh and free of toxins. As the producers of new-to-the-market home fragrance products that are free of solvents and other harmful chemicals, this environmentally conscious company wants you to think beyond just vacuuming when sprucing up for spring, and has a few tips for making this year’s spring-cleaning efforts even more effective.

“Spring is the perfect time to freshen things up,” said EnviroScent Lifestyle Expert and mother of two, Shana King. “At EnviroScent, we spend all year thinking about how to deliver fragrances that are better for you and for the environment while keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. We hope these tips guide you to a successful spring-cleaning season.”

1. Start small.

Don’t feel pressure to finish the whole house in just one day. No mom has time for that! To get started, focus on one room, closet, or even just a toy chest or cabinet. By picking a small, more manageable task or a string of small, manageable tasks, it’s easier to feel a sense of accomplishment. For example, start by cleaning out one child’s sock drawer, and once that is finished, clean out another drawer. In no time, a whole dresser will be reorganized.


This same concept can apply to making better choices for you and your family. Countless studies have shown the harmful environmental effects of chemicals in many home cleaning products, but the task of throwing out a collection of cleaning products can seem daunting—not to mention expensive. Try switching out one product at a time for a more family-friendly alternative like EnviroScent BurstsTM, which contain 100% fragrance and no harmful chemicals. Each Burst lasts 64 hours—more than twice the duration of traditional wax melts. EnviroScent Bursts work in most electric warmers and do not melt, which means there is no hot wax to burn tiny hands. Bursts are available in four vivid fragrances: Wild Lavender, Paradise Breeze, True Cotton, and Amber Woods.

2. Care for the car.

Don’t limit spring-cleaning efforts to just the home. From preschool to playdates and swim lessons to soccer, moms spend a lot of time in the car. Spring is a great time to give cars a spruce-up and get them ready for summer road trips. Start with the interior: remove the trash and gather those winter-weather items, like that ice scraper, that are no longer necessary. Store any stray toys or other loose items in compartments or side pockets. A wipe-down of the dashboard and quick vacuum of all the seats and carpets can do wonders for even the most overused interiors.


Finally, replace your current car air freshener with EnviroScent AutoSticks®. From traffic exhaust to gas fumes and road construction dust, commuters are exposed to hundreds of air pollutants and toxins while driving, not to mention unpleasant smells. AutoSticks are a versatile, unobtrusive way to freshen up the air in the car, and they come in four fragrances, including Seaside Coconut, Coastal Storm, Rain Forest, and Showroom.

3. Make a space for mom.

In the midst of cleaning playrooms, kitchens, and cars it can be easy to forget to freshen up a room that is just for you. Turn the master bedroom or bathroom into your own sanctuary by taking some time to spruce up your space after the kids have gone to bed. Start by replacing old linens or towels. A new set of sheets or bath towels can make a great Mother’s Day gift to yourself!

In the bathroom, remove clutter by tossing out old or expired beauty and cleaning products. When it comes to freshening up the bedroom, flip the mattress to create the feeling of having a brand new bed. Also, don’t forget to wash your pillows and comforter inserts. According to experts, pillows can be washed in a traditional washing machine and should be washed about three times every year.


As a finishing touch, add an EnviroScent Bed & Bath StickTM to either room. By selecting a scent that is different from the rest of the house, you can create a space that feels like a spa but is just down the hall.

4. Don’t forget about the air.

When it comes to spring cleaning, the air needs some love too. According to a study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air inside homes is typically more polluted than the air outside. When freshening up living spaces, try adding an indoor plant, and remember to clean air filters every three months. Opening windows to increase cross-ventilation can quickly remedy stagnant air inside a house or apartment.

Another way to clean up the air is by switching to a solvent-free air freshener. Free from chemical solvents, phthalates, carcinogens, and PBTs (persistent, bioaccumulative toxins), EnviroScent products provide long-lasting, vivid fragrance without the help of unnecessary fillers, which makes them safer for you and your family.

EnviroscentsEnviroScent products include EnviroScent Bursts, EnviroScent AutoSticks, and EnviroScent Bed & Bath Sticks, and all are no-mess home fragrance alternatives that contain no solvents or harmful chemicals. Unlike traditional home fragrance products, EnviroScent uses a patented technology that diffuses the purest fragrance oils slowly over time without the use of solvents, diluents, or other chemical fillers. The result is fragrances that are more intense, smell better, and last longer. They can now be found in the home fragrance section of H-E-B and online at

About EnviroScentTM

EnviroScent is a new type of fragrance company, dedicated to delivering the finest home fragrances in a new, low-footprint way. From production to packaging and shipping, EnviroScent only uses all-natural, biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, sustainably managed paper in its products and infuses pure, all-natural essential oils and other responsibly selected and harvested ingredients for the most authentic, safe, and pure fragrance experiences on earth. For more information about EnviroScent or any of its products, visit

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