Swicharoos: A Little Girl’s Wildest Shoe Dreams Come True

We are excited to have partnered with our advertising sponsor Swicharoos to share about these fun new shoes and a great giveaway!


I often wonder if females are born with a shoe gene. Or, perhaps it’s the fairy tale-esque nature of Cinderella’s glass slipper that programs us to swoon for shoes.

My eight-year-old daughter is no exception. She showed the first signs of her love affair with shoes as a toddler. I’d often find her in my closet jamming her chubby piggy toes into my highest of heels, pairing them with my 1990-something prom dress.


When it comes to buying the real things for my daughter, though, I refuse to buy every fancy shoe that catches her fashionable eye. I usually limit it to one pair of sneakers, one pair of dress shoes, and one pair of casual shoes per season—surely any shoe lover’s worst nightmare, right? A nomination for meanest mom in the world, at least.

But it doesn’t have to be.

A new girls’ shoe line is giving hope to little shoe-lovers stuck in a three-pair-of-shoes-per-season-only world. Swicharoos give girls 12 shoes in one! (Insert high-pitched sound of screaming girls everywhere.)

     Our Swicharoos arrived on a day when my daughter happened to have one of her friends over. It was like Christmas in June for these BFFs! The shoes and the 12 totally fabulously fashionable tops came packaged in the cutest little carrying case—something this mom especially likes, since my daughter tends to lose anything not attached to her body.

IMG_5575                       73The Swicharoos have a patented attachment system that lets girls quickly push, turn, and click to switch out the tops of their sandals. It is super easy and fast! In less than 10 seconds, the girls found the left and right sandal tops and clicked them into place.




It took longer for them to pick out which tops to wear than to change them!

The shoes themselves are strong and durable. The cushioned bottoms remind me of Birkenstock sandals. Your daughter’s foot gently molds into the Swicharoo sole, giving her foot comfort and protection.

42The girls had fun mixing and matching styles. Attracted to anything and everything with glitter and shine, the girls’ favorite styles were the silver and silver rhinestone. They liked them so much they each decided to wear just one each (?!).


Then (shhh!), when my daughter wasn’t looking, I did what any shoe-loving mom would do: I played mix and match with the Swicharoos myself! I laid out some of my daughter’s favorite outfits and which Swicharoo top I thought would go best. Apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, because this mom also liked the metallic tops best, especially the gold, which I paired with my daughter’s cute black-and-white striped summer dress.



My one recommendation for any Swicharoo mom would be to buy slightly bigger than your daughter’s usual shoe size. My daughter is a size 5.5. I teetered between the 5/6 and 6/7, and I was so glad to have gone with the 6/7 shoe because it fit perfectly!

IMG_5622Finally, one of the coolest things about Swicharoos is that the idea was conceptualized and designed by a young girl who loved mixing and matching fashion accessories! She and her father worked hard to turn it into a family venture—a real-life story how one young girl is making dreams come true for shoe-obsessed little girls everywhere![hr]

Swicharoos are giving one of our readers the chance to win a full set of their shoes!

A Set of Swicheroos

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  1. This is brilliant. The fact that your daughter gets to keep to keep using the same comfy footbed, that’s broken in and shaped to her feet, is a great innovation.

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