Some Mama Appreciation

As I’m writing this, I am diligently preparing for an upcoming 2 week trial, knowing I have more trials set in the weeks immediately following. The last time I had a slew of trials back to back like this, I was not yet married and hadn’t “acquired” my stepkids. I ate takeout every night, bought a new suit and new underwear halfway through trial because I literally didn’t have time for laundry and dry cleaning, and I stayed up late nights preparing cross-examinations living off caffeine and granola bars.

This time around is going to be remarkably different. As I am mentally preparing for an impossible balancing act of still getting dinner on the table, packing lunches, making it to Back to School Night, and keeping the wheels from falling off the household, I am overwhelmed with a true sense of admiration for all moms out there who do what they do. Every. Single. Day. (because I get nights off from kids and I have a rock star husband).

This is my love note to all of you mamas out there:

Whether you are a SAHM, a full-time working mom, a single mom, or somewhere in between, you are amazing. Whether you have 1 kid or 4 kids, you are amazing. Everyone is still breathing and waking up in the morning, right? That’s not just “good enough.”  It’s pretty amazing when you stop and think about it.

You have the most demanding job in the world. The most important job in the world. The most thankless job in the world. And you do it well. And you do it often (like 24/7). You are inspiring. If you are managing all of that laundry, grocery shopping, after-school activities, cooking dinner, packing lunches, play dates, changing diapers, potty training, teaching life lessons, and you have time to read this blog, that’s inspiring to me.  Hands down.

Has anyone told you how wonderful you are? How the world would not turn without you? How we wouldn’t be who we are without you?

Do you know your friends admire you? Your son? Your daughter? Your sister-in-law? Do you know your colleagues say they don’t know how you do it? Do you know your husband thanks heaven everyday for you because he certainly couldn’t do what you do? Do you know that perfect strangers like me use you as motivation to keep going when they are trying to not freak out about a jury trial coinciding with a whole new world of responsibilities?

How do I admire thee?

Let me count the ways you are applauded….And respected…. And appreciated.

Bridget was born and raised in San Antonio and moved back here after college and law school. She is a wife, full-time attorney, wrangler of four kids ages 15, 13, 3 and almost 2. As both a stepmom and mom, her life and house is always full and she loves to share about blended family life. Bridget is also passionate about infertility advocacy after having suffered multiple miscarriages and multiple rounds of IVF. Now with her stepkids, rainbow baby, and surprise baby, her family is complete and she is soaking up every minute of motherhood!