Six Flags Fiesta Texas – Family Fun for All Ages

There are several fun & Instagram worthy murals to discover at Six Flags Fiesta Texas!

My family decided on a whim — well, a whim based on a well placed social media ad — to get Six Flags Fiesta Texas Season Passes this past October. The season pass was from October 2023 to January 5, 2025 and cost less than a 1-day theme park ticket at our favorite theme park. Of course we said, well, why not! I should mention here that I had not been to Six Flags Fiesta Texas since summer of 2009, and that my children had never been before. So it was definitely a case of taking a chance — but it’s now June 2024, and I can say with certainty that we LOVE our Six Flags Fiesta Texas Season Pass!

My family and I have grown very accustomed to visiting other theme parks in California and Florida. With that in mind, I’ll admit that we didn’t have the highest of expectations on our first visit to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Our very first ride was Boomerang. And ooof, it was not a pleasant experience for me, but my kids absolutely LOVED it! Having the season pass has been wonderful for days when the kids are wanting “something to do,” because I don’t get overwhelmed with the idea that we need to do everything in one day. It’s been nice to just casually stroll around, do an intense roller coaster or two, and head back home after a couple hours. If you are wondering if Six Flags might be a good option for your family — or are heading there from out of town — I hope this post will ease any concerns you may have, and make you feel confident about your visit to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

So, let’s start with the basics.


Six Flags Fiesta Texas is located at:

17000 IH-10 West
San Antonio, TX 78257

You can also type in Six Flags to your navigation or favorite map app and get the best route. I will give a word of caution that with the construction that is currently ongoing at 1604/10 can make it a little tricky to navigate lane closures/traffic. Give yourself a little cushion of extra travel time, just in case.

Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation do vary throughout the year at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I highly recommend checking the App and/or Website to double check the park hours for the day(s) you’d like to visit. Generally speaking, Six Flags Fiesta Texas is open on weekends and major holiday times like Spring Break, Summertime, Thanksgiving Week, and the last two weeks of the year for winter break/ New Years. As of May 24th, Six Flags Fiesta Texas is open daily, all summer!


Paying for parking when you arrive can vary depending on the date. I recommend paying for parking online prior to your visit to get the best pricing! Paying in advance with Six Flags – then going through the automated part of their toll plaza – is referred to as Speedy Parking.

You have a couple different parking options:

  • Daily Speedy General Parking = as low as $37
  • Daily Speedy Preferred Parking = as low as $42
  • Daily Valet Speedy Parking = as low as $50

Ride Sharing is allowed and there is a designated drop off/pick up spot at the front entrance. Many of the Season Pass options include general parking, and have the option to upgrade to preferred parking.

I do have a tip on parking! Park towards the back on busy days, especially if you plan to stay for park closing on the nights with a firework display. While I know most people want to park as close as possible, hear me out! Parking towards the back will give you a much easier exit from the parking area at the end of your day. My in-laws have preferred parking with their season passes and though we’ve left the park at the same time, they have been stuck in traffic behind us for 20+ minutes! I totally get that waiting in the car with AC is a nicer option than walking in the heat, but if you have kiddos who are not fans of the car or you have a long journey home, this is a great option. I know sitting in traffic is my nemesis!


As with parking, purchasing your tickets in advance online can give you the best pricing. The pricing is variable according to the date you pick, and they will show you a calendar view online when selecting your tickets so you can see the pricing and dates. Children 2-and-under are free and do not require a ticket. There is not otherwise a children’s priced ticket option, just a general One-Day Ticket option. You will have the option to apply the cost of your single day ticket(s) to upgrade to a Season Pass if you’d like to as well!

  • One-Day Ticket = starting from $39

*Note that Hurricane Harbor (the water park at Six Flags Fiesta Texas) is not included in the One-Day Ticket. Here is a list of Add-On Options for your One-Day Ticket:

  • All-Day Videos and Photo Package = $19.99
  • Hurricane Harbor = $12.00
  • Cabanas at Hurricane Harbor:

Basic Top Cabana = $150.00
Basic Bottom Cabana = $150.00
Standard Cabana = $225.00
Premium Top Cabana = $300.00
Premium Bottom Cabana = $300.00

  • Go-Karts
    Single Kart = $9.99
    Double Kart = $13.99
    All Day Pass = $29.99
  • Dining Options
    All-Day Drink Bottle = $21.99
    One Meal Dining Deal = $20.99
    Unlimited All Day Dining = $34.99
  • The FLASH Pass (Skip the Line Service)
    Standard = $55
    Premium = $75
    Ultimate = $135

If you want to feel like a VIP you have some additional options:

  • VIP Lounge Admission = $5.00 per ticket
  • VIP Experience = $199.00
    Includes admission and unlimited express access to all your favorite rides.
  • Guided VIP Tour Experience = $399
    Includes theme park admission, valet parking, front of the line ride privileges, reserved show seating, lunch & dinner, unlimited snacks, paid attraction access & a daily photo pass! (4 person minimum)


For most people, the rides are definitely the main focus for a visit to Six Flags Fiesta Texas! For families with younger kids, especially multiple kids with different heights, I would recommend checking everyone’s heights at home before you go. Then chat about which rides everyone is tall enough – or not tall enough – to ride. This helps prevent some of the disappointment and/or meltdowns that come with checking heights at the ride entrance. It can be heartbreaking to see disappointment on a child’s face when others are excited to ride and they can’t join in.

There are boards located across the park that let you know wait times for the rides!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas categorizes their rides into Thrill, Family, and Kids. I’ll break down the height requirements based on these categories below:


  • BATMAN: The Ride: minimum height 48”
  • Boomerang Coast to Coaster: minimum height 48”
  • Dare Devil Dive Flying Machines: minimum height 48”
  • Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger: minimum height 52” & maximum 78”
  • Goliath: minimum height 54”
  • Iron Rattler: minimum height 48”
  • JOKER: Carnival of Chaos: minimum height 52”
  • Road Runner Express: minimum height 42”
  • SUPERGIRL Sky Flight: minimum height 48”
  • SUPERMAN KRYPTON Coaster: minimum height 54”
  • Scream!: minimum height 52”
  • Fireball: minimum height 48”
  • Hurricane Force 5: minimum height 48”
  • Pandemonium: minimum height 42” with adult; 47” to ride alone
  • Poltergeist: minimum height 54”
  • WONDER WOMAN Golden Lasso Coaster: minimum height 48”

Most of the Thrill rides will have a sample ride vehicle outside the ride entrance so you can check to see if it is a comfortable fit for you. Many will also have some type of indicator to show that the fit is correct as well. There will also be a height check at the ride entrance; and the ride operators will also double check the rider’s height prior to entering the loading zone.


  • Bugs’ White Water Rapids: minimum height 36” with adult, 42” to ride alone
  • DC Super-Villains Swing: minimum height 48”
  • Fiesta Texas Railroad: no minimum height
  • Grand Carousel: no minimum height, 42” to ride alone
  • Hustler: minimum height 36”
  • CYBORG: Cyber Revolution (coming soon!)
  • Crow’s Nest: no minimum height, 42” to ride alone & no infants
  • DC Universe (coming soon!)
  • METROPOLIS Transit Authority (coming soon!)
  • Pirates of the Deep Sea: no minimum height if riding with adult
  • SHAZAM: Tower of Eternity: minimum height 48”
  • Spinsanity: minimum height 36” with adult, 44” to ride alone
  • The Gully Washer: minimum height 36” with adult, 42” to ride alone
  • Wave Runner: minimum height 36” with adult, 48” to ride alone


  • BAT GIRL: Coaster Chase: minimum height 36”
  • Bucking Broncos: minimum height 36”
  • Daffy’s Bus Stop: no minimum height, 42” to ride alone & over 54” must ride with child
  • Foghorn Leghorn’s Barnyard Railway: no minimum height, 36” to ride alone & over 54” must ride with child
  • GREEN LANTERN Emerald Flight: minimum height 36” with adult, 48” to ride alone
  • KID FLASH Cosmic Coaster: minimum height 36”
  • Kinderstein: no minimum height, 36” to ride alone & over 54” must ride with child
  • POISON IVY Toxic Spin: no minimum height, 42” to ride alone
  • Taz’s Tornado: no minimum height, 42” to ride alone & over 54” must ride with child
  • THE PENGUIN: Gotham City Getaway: no minimum height, 36” to ride alone
  • Yosemite Sam Wacky Wagons: no minimum height, 36” to ride alone & over 54” must ride with child
Each ride will have a display like this (some with the ride vehicle to check too!) to check height & other safety info prior to entering the queue line.

Many of the rides do not allow additional items to be brought into the ride vehicle. My family will typically leave any bags/drink cups with someone who is not riding. There are designated areas where you can store items while riding, which is a great help.

There is typically an area across the load in area where you can store bags/hats/drink cups/etc to store while you are riding.


Entertainment and Show offerings at Six Flags Fiesta Texas vary throughout the year. You can check on the website/app for the most up to date offerings and times. Here is a list of the current summertime offerings:

  • Looney Tunes Meet & Greets
  • !Caliente!
  • Bubble Pop!
  • Looney Tunes: We Got the Beat!
  • Forever Hollywood
  • Oh What a Night Fireworks 180 Edition

Six Flags Fiesta Texas offers so many fun themed events throughout the year! For 2024 they have offered Scream Break, !Viva La Fiesta!, Summer Vibes Festival, Pride, Roller Coaster Rodeo, 4th of July Celebration, Flavors of the World Food Festival, Oktoberfest Food Festival, Kids Boo Fest, Fright Fest, Veterans Weekend, Holiday in the Park and Rockin’ New Year’s Celebration. My family and I have really enjoyed seeing the different event themes throughout the year. It is a nice way to experience “something new” for every visit – and really adds value to the season pass.

I love how the entrance to Six Flags Fiesta Texas gets updates throughout the specialty seasonal offerings!


As I mentioned above, there are some dining option offerings that you can add on to your theme park admission. Options like unlimited dining and unlimited refills really do give you the most bang for your buck! There are lots of different options from snacks to full meals available at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, including a “Healthy Meal Options” icon of a green apple to let you know which dining locations offer items like fresh salads, vitamin water, and bottled water.

There is also the option to Mobile Order at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. This is such a great option to avoid waiting in lines, and can speed up the ordering process – typically the worst struggle is the wait when you have hangry kids!

Mobile Food Ordering signs can be found at different locations across the park.

The Six Flags Fiesta Texas website and App both give you the option to search dining based on cruising, dining pass, and if they offer mobile ordering. Many of the dining options do also have the menus available to view in the App and/or website.

You are allowed to bring in food items for babies including infant formula and infant food in non-glass jars. If you have food allergies you are also welcome to bring food into the park. Per the Six Flags Fiesta Texas Website “In this case, the food must be limited to the individual with the allergy and may contain: two sealable sandwich bags (7×8 inches) and one snack to accommodate their visit (such as a piece fruit, or a fruit bar, or a snack that fits in a sandwich bag). One small soft-sided cooler may be brought into the park to carry these items. No outside beverages are permitted. Please see Security at screen to receive a medical sticker.”


There are so many options for shopping at Six Flags Fiesta Texas! Whether you are looking for the perfect souvenir or simply forgot something pivotal at home like sunscreen, they’ve got you covered. There are lots of shopping opportunities when you first walk in the gates, while many of the Thrill rides exit directly into gift shops. There will also be the opportunity for specialty shopping items during the special events throughout the year.


Six Flags Fiesta Texas does offer accessibility options for guests visiting who have special needs.

Here is a link with a full brochure on all the offerings.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas also has an IBCCES Certified Autism Center designation with a commitment to diversity and inclusion. There really is something for everyone and everyone is welcome at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.


Ride and Iconic Photos in the park are available for purchase. You can purchase individual photos or add on the Season Photo Pass to your Season Pass. I added on the Season Photo Pass to our family’s pass and I’ve found it is 100% worth it! The ride photos are relatively easy to collect after the ride. The photos taken by the staff wandering the park by the main entrance have been hit or miss. I’ve had photos show up, while others show as “unavailable” so they are just gone …. It’s been a bummer to miss out on those photos but there’s nothing you can do.

esix Gaming is also located inside Six Flags Fiesta Texas. There is an additional fee to enter into this area. If you are a gamer or have a gamer fan in your family, it is defiantly worth checking out! Here is a link with more details on this specialty offering.

There are lockers and stroller/wheelchair rentals available. There are also various First Aid locations available throughout the park. There are paper Park Maps and Guides available when you enter the park, which are great for kids! There are also stationary Park Maps and Guides throughout the park. All the info in the paper guides can also available in the App. It’s also worth noting that free Wifi is available throughout Six Flags Fiesta Texas!

Location Guides can be found throughout the park to assist.

I asked my kids to share their favorite thing(s) about Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and they universally replied: the rides! This little gem of a spot is their close 2nd favorite – in the Spassburg area by Kinderstein, you can spray people riding Bugs’ White Water Rapids!

This little fun spot is free to use & fun to water people’s reactions lol!

That should cover mostly everything to have you feel prepared to have a fun day, or season at Six Flags Fiesta Texas! Stay tuned for the second part of my guide, diving into Hurricane Harbor, the water park located within Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Have you recently been? Anything I missed or that you think would be helpful for others? Any favorite memories from years past at Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

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