Seven Gift Ideas to Get Your Kids Outside

As I’m writing this post, it is the most gorgeous day outside. A perfect 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. It also happens to be the end of November! When much of the country is covered in snow and dealing with freezing temperatures, we can often spend the entire day outside in our T-shirts. In many ways, winter is one of the best times to get your family outside here in San Antonio!

If you would like your kids to spend more time outside exploring nature and less time in front of their screens, here are some of my favorite nature-based gift ideas for you!

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Seven Nature Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Seek and Find Scavenger Hunt Card Game

I love this simple outdoor card game that gets kids of all ages outside exploring! Shuffle the deck and give each player five cards. The first player to come back with the five nature items on their cards wins! Shop it.

Seek and Find Scavenger Hunt

2. Bug Catcher Vacuum and Light Up Critter Case

Did you know you can safely vacuum up bugs to get a closer look? The bug vacuum adds a major fun factor to bug catching and is perfect for kids who are hesitant to touch bugs. Once you’ve caught one you can keep it in the critter habitat case which lights up at night. Shop it.

Bug Vacuum

3. Kids’ Binoculars

While these binoculars are made for kids ages 3–12, they aren’t a toy. They actually work really well! Kids can get a close-up view of the birds visiting their backyard or a squirrel running up a tree with these binoculars. Throw them in your backpack when you head to the park or on a nature walk to make it more engaging. Shop it.

Kids Binoculars

4. Kids’ Explorer Hat and Vest

Younger kids can let their imaginations go wild with the help of this nature explorer hat and vest! In addition to helping them look like true naturalists, the vest contains handy pockets to hold binoculars, a magnifying glass, and more. Shop it.

Kids Nature Vest and Hat

5. Little Gardener Tool Set

Have a budding gardener at home? Encourage them to dig in the dirt with you with the help of their very own garden tool set, sized just right for little hands. This colorful set includes a tote bag with compartments to hold all the tools. Shop it.

Kids garden tools

6. Butterfly Growing Kit

Introduce your child to the amazing butterfly metamorphosis with this butterfly growing kit. In addition to the pop-up cage, you will receive five live caterpillars that will become Painted Lady butterflies with a little care and patience. Shop it.

 butterfly growing kit

7. On the Nature Trail Book

Make your next family nature walk more interactive and fun with the help of this book! It is filled with prompts and activities to help you and your kids experience nature through its unique textures, sights, and sounds. Shop it.

nature trail book

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