Self-Care Helpers Every Mom Needs

Self-care is a well-known topic. It is almost too well-known already. 

Everywhere we look we read “self-care this, and self-care that…”

That much-needed love fuel that I crave but don’t know how to get because I don’t have a seven-step skincare routine like that influencer just posted on her Instagram stories, or because I have a newborn and I can barely brush my teeth, or because that beach trip that I know is much-needed has to wait a few more months. 

“You have to take care of yourself!” messages are bombarding us to the point that thinking about self-care has in itself become a hassle, a to-do item in our never-ending list of things that we should be thinking about as a mother or a woman. 

However, self-care shouldn’t be another thing to do during the day. It shouldn’t feel like a scheduled appointment or an errand. Instead, it should seamlessly integrate into our lifestyle and our everyday activities. 

The more we allow ourselves these moments of pause and pleasure in our day, the easier it will feel to say “yes” to a spa day with your friends or to that kid-free trip you always wanted to take.

Self-care is more of an attitude toward yourself. A feeling of worthiness and compassion towards you. 

I was thinking all of this while taking a shower the other night. A friend had gifted me a very nice soap with a little loofa bag that you put the soap in and it foams and exfoliates as you rub it against your skin. Wonderful! Such a simple little thing brought so much joy and transformed my everyday shower into a spa-like experience. 

Maybe at the beginning of our dive into the self-care lifestyle, we need little tools to act as reminders. Little helpers that can transform and enhance your activities into self-care moments. 

These are some of the things I have found useful:

Bath Time

Loofa bag: This is a brilliant addition to your routine. Also, don’t hesitate to get that special soap that you thought was too expensive. Marshalls has very nice soaps for just $3.99. 

Scalp massager: Besides the fact that I love that I can get the shampoo all over my hair in a more effective way, I also love that it feels really good on my scalp. 

On-the-Go Items 

Favorite lip balm: If it has a nice smell or if it tastes good, I love it even more. Try one that has a slight color tint for an instant lift. It’s all about reminding yourself to feel your best throughout the day. 

Luxurious hand cream: See how I used the word “luxurious”? I don’t mean to say expensive, but I want you to love this hand cream. It should feel like butter melting into your hands and you should love the smell. 


Any skincare that you use is already self-care, but to take it to the next level I love using skincare tools. 

Gua sha: Take advantage of this ancient Chinese practice with this easy-to-use tool. There are many YouTube tutorials that can help you. Taking five minutes of your day to massage your face with oils and this cool-looking rock will totally make your day. 

Roller: Use Jade or Quartz rollers to spread on your favorite serum or night cream. If you chill them in your fridge they could also help with headaches. 

Coffee or Tea Time

There’s a difference between drinking something because of thirst and drinking something because you want to. I enjoy thinking about making my coffee. I savor every moment from making it to taking that first sip. The feel of the warm cup between my hands and the promise of five to ten minutes that I will force myself to sit down. Again, just taking a moment to drink your beverage is self-care if you slow down and take your time.

Foamer: Foaming my milk just makes me smile every time I take a sip from my morning coffee. If you have your coffee with milk, those extra seconds it takes to do this will totally change the experience. 

Creamers: If you love flavors in your coffee, have two or three options on hand to make that moment feel even more special.  

Small box of assorted teas: There’s a difference between getting your tea bag from the cardboard box in the pantry and having a box that displays your teas like little jewels. Again, it is about enhancing and taking pleasure in the experience. 

There are countless other ways to nurture yourself like reading a book, taking a few moments to meditate and pray, calling a friend just to say hi, lighting your favorite candle, and enjoying a quiet moment. It’s about tuning in to your inner self to acknowledge your needs.  

I know this may seem like an impossible task at times when you are trying to fulfill everybody else’s needs first, which is why I find it helpful to have physical reminders that say, “I, too, am important.” 

That shift in your mindset can start with something as small as taking the time to buy a cute nail buffer to going with your best friend to get a pedicure. The goal is to start somewhere and make the journey ever so enjoyable. I know you deserve it!

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