Pringles and Wine Pairings: The Revolution Begins

If you find yourself ready to pop the cork, why not pop the top on a classic—dare we say trendy?—snack and maybe save a glass while you’re at it? Expertly* paired and ready for your adventurous palate, these top Pringles® flavors and complementary wines are perfect for a night out on the town, at home on your couch, or in a Walmart parking lot (unless you’ve been recently banned from the latter), particularly when your wine portion reaches Texas standards. Here are a few of our favorites of this just-fine-with-us mismatched duo:

Jalapeño with Savignon Blanc

A more fruit-forward varietal and higher acidity combat the heat that comes with each crunch. Extinguish that fire with heavenly notes of floral and apples.

Sour Cream & Onion with Chardonnay

Ready for an oaky, buttery party in your mouth? Forget the dip and jump right into the zesty flavors of this favorite with the toasty aftertaste.

BBQ with Rosé

You’ve been training for this since your third drive-thru run this week at Bill Miller’s. What could be more refreshing than BBQ with the sparkle of a cool rosé? (Sparkles may also be flecks of imitation BBQ—wash your can well.) Pick up on the dryness as it balances the smokiness.

Screamin’ Dill Pickle with Pinot Noir

Skip the salmon and dive right into the this pungent earthy herb that meets its match in the grapes of pinot noir. More floral than berry, this pairing brings out the vanilla and clove side of wine too!

Salt & Vinegar with Chianti

Feel the brine on your palate as it’s placated by the tannins of this Italian standby. Relish the bitter vinegar as it hits the back of your palate—and chase it down with this fruity, juicy wine.

Cheddar Cheese with Cabernet Sauvignon

Step away from the brie and watch the integrity of the fingers on your cab as it grips the paraben-coated can of possibility. Indulge in a few swirls prior to taking in the nose of its blackberry bouquet, solid tannin structure, and pencil-lead taste on the back of the palate.

The Original with Prosecco

These classics belong together for a reason: the insulation of the can contains the effervescent delight of an Italian prosecco. We recommend Riondo for its outstanding salute to parents everywhere with a twist top—such a rarity among bubbly these days.


Please note: Restaurants pour five-ounce servings of wine. You probably pour a nine-ounce serving of wine on a good day. A Pringles can may contain a whopping 30 ounces of wine. So, there’s that. Please be safe, be responsible, and never drink and drive.

*The Expert: ACMB contributor Danielle is a wine drinker who has studied wine professionally and personally since age 21-ish. She feels wine should be accessible to everyone and enjoys educating people on some of the finer points of l’amour du vin. Danielle believes the processed potato is an underused culinary ingredient and hopes to see it on menus more and more.

Special thanks to Mewborne Photography for helping out with this fun project!

Danielle is a minivan-driving, Rick Ross-listening, wannabe Whole 30-eating mama to three little blessings. Born and raised in Florida, she is a Texan by marriage to Zach, whom she wooed with her passion for college football (go, Gators!). Their oldest is seven and rocking an extra chromosome, while their middle daughter is just extra in all things, like the red glitter tutu she insists on wearing 24/7, and their new baby boy is everything she never knew she always wanted. Danielle recently decided she will be on maternity leave for the next 18 years but continues to enjoy her work as a Speech-Language Pathologist in addition to the SAHM position. She is a passionate advocate for individuals with disabilities and enjoys discussions on chakras, faith, and The Walking Dead.


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