Just Keep Scrolling.

2020 is a real jerk.

I mean, what’s next, ducks with shark teeth that have been living underground for the past decade but just surfaced above the soil and only eat human feet?

Seriously. It’s been a year….and we’re only halfway there.
From wildfires to Kobe to COVID to murder hornets to hurricanes to canceled classes, we’ve all been emotionally hit in one way or another. While most of us have outlets like friends and family to vent to, so many of us take to the internet and social media to air our frustrations. These days, we all turn to the internet for information and search articles online to help ease our fears or fuel our stance.

We find an article that aligns with our views, post it, dig our heels in, and prepare for a comments battle.

We scroll down Facebook, see a friend who posted an article that doesn’t align with our views, dig our heels in and comment, preparing for battle.

We can search online and find an article that suits us or that refutes someone else’s article.

That’s the beauty of the internet, anyone can write and post anything they want and it’s up to the reader to determine if they believe it or not.

We post.
We comment.
We argue.
We find new articles.
We post.
We comment.
We argue.
Our blood pressure rises.
Our friendships get ruined.
Our family divides.
We post.
We comment.
We argue.

But, we can avoid it.

We can save ourselves the frustration.
We can just keep scrolling.

Scroll right on by that post that irritates us. We can understand that everyone has the right to post what they want and we have the right to just scroll on by, saving ourselves from the conflict. When you scroll on by without commenting, you don’t get notifications on the post, it moves further and further down your feed, and you forget all about it…because you just kept scrolling.

You get to make a choice.
Fight it out in the comment section, not changing anyone’s mind in the process, or save yourself the anger, strife, annoyance and high blood pressure and just scroll on by.

Save your sanity and just keep scrolling.

Candice Curry is a born and raised San Antonio mother of 6. She and her husband escape their kids by taking backroad drives in the Texas hill country seeking out the best whiskey and coolest antiques. When she grows up she wants to own an ice cream truck and travel around Texas selling ice cream and french fries with her family. Candice's first book is officially on the shelves at Barnes and Noble or you can get your copy now here .