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Eighteen years ago, I became a mom.
From that day on I’ve done my best to be just a mom.

Along the way I’ve tried and failed, did and didn’t, walked and ran, and stumbled more times than I can count.
I’ve made hard decisions I never thought I’d have to make.
I’ve tried one way and then another, tried this and that, cried and laughed, gave up and started over. 

I’ve gone to work.
I’ve stayed home.
I’ve given birth traditionally.
I’ve give birth through C-section.
I’ve breastfed.
I’ve bottle fed.
I’ve worn my babies, carried my babies, and strolled my babies.
I’ve enrolled them in sports.
I’ve un-enrolled them in sports.
I’ve given them antibiotics.
I’ve rubbed essential oils on their feet.
I’ve cussed in front of them.
I’ve yelled at them for cussing.
I’ve helped with homework.
I’ve ignored their schoolwork.
I’ve joined the PTA.
I’ve avoided the PTA.
I’ve made homemade meals.
I’ve fed them Poptarts for dinner.

Over the years I’ve failed, nailed it, screwed it all up, succeeded beyond their expectations, crushed their hearts, built them up, hurt them, healed them, been exceptional, and been totally average.

But I’m just a mom.

I’m not a #boymom or #girlmom.
I’m not a “breast is best” or straight to formula.
I’m not a cloth mom or a disposable mom.
I’m not a plant-based mom or a keto mom.
I’m not a homemade dinner mom or a frozen meal mom.
I’m not a home school mom or a public school mom.
I’m not a singleton mom or a triplet mom.

I’m just a mom, doing my best to be just a mom.
A mom who can’t compete.
A mom who won’t compete.
A mom who falls.
A mom who rises.
A mom who fails.
A mom who succeeds.

Eighteen years ago, I became a mom.
From that day on I decided to be just a mom, the best one I could be.
Because the pressure to be anything else would crush me along the way.
Because the weight to try to get it all right is too heavy to carry.
Because comparing myself to other moms is as intimidating as changing clothes in middle school gym class—we just weren’t created the same way.

So I decided to be just a mom, the best mom I can be.

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Candice Curry is a born and raised San Antonio mother of 6. She is Brandon's wife of 13 years and together they are raising their babies to love the Lord, have courage and be kind. Stiles is their oldest daughter and is 19, Madison is 17, Myleigh, Justin and Bela are their 12 year old triplet girls and late at night they rock their 5 year old baby boy, James. When she is not loving on her husband and babies she is an author and speaker. When she grows up she wants to own an ice cream truck and travel around Texas selling ice cream with her family. You can also visit Candice at CandiceCurry.com where she writes about anything and everything that is on her heart. Candice's first book is officially on the shelves at Barnes and Noble or you can get your copy now here .