Goodbye Ties and Toolsets – Hello Father’s Day 2024!

Fathers and father figures have roles that go beyond the traditional grill king and lawn-mowing fanatic.

Fathers and father figures are just as responsible for the nurturing and rearing of our future generation… and what a wonderful step for our culture!

Gone are the days of simply giving a tie or a toolset to celebrate Father’s Day. Today, it’s all about finding meaningful ways to show your appreciation and make dad feel seen for the work he does, both in and out of the home. Acknowledging this amazing cultural shift, let’s dig into some ways we can celebrate the amazing multi-faceted dads in our lives!

For the Dad Who Rules the Kitchen

If your dad enjoys flexing his culinary skills, why not let him take the lead in the kitchen? Plan a special Father’s Day meal where he can showcase his cooking skills and whip up his favorite dishes. Whether it’s a gourmet brunch, a backyard BBQ, or a fancy dinner spread, let him curate the menu and take charge of the grill or stove. You can even turn it into a family affair by having your littles create a centerpiece! Sidenote, if dad is grilling outside – it’s pretty much mandatory that he does so in his white sneakers or sandals. 

For the Dad Who Prefers to Order In

Not every dad is a master chef, and that’s perfectly okay! If dad prefers the convenience of ordering in, why not treat him to a feast from his favorite restaurant? Explore delivery options from local eateries or surprise him with a gourmet meal kit delivery service. Set the table with his favorite drinks and create a cozy ambiance at home, complete with a craft or note from the kids. The key is to make him feel pampered, indulged, and celebrated – without any of the added stress of cooking or cleaning up.

For the Dad Who Loves Exploring

For the adventurous dad who loves to explore new places, Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity for a city adventure. Plan a day filled with exciting activities and sightseeing, tailored to his interests. If the day of Father’s Day isn’t feasible, plan an excursion that he’s been talking about taking, or offer your time and help to do so. Pack a disposable camera in his backpack and let the kids capture special  moments from their unique point of view. Then have the photos printed and create an album for him!

For the Dad Who Craves Rest and Renewal

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate dad is by giving him the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation. You can create this oasis at home where he can unwind and recharge his batteries, or set him up with an appointment at a local spa. If dad isn’t into massages, you can always set up a cozy reading nook with his favorite books or magazines, complete with a blanket and a selection of snacks.

Ultimately, Father’s Day is about showing gratitude for the love, support, and guidance that dads provide year-round. Whether you’re celebrating with a homemade meal, an outdoor adventure, or a day of relaxation, the most important thing is to make dad feel loved and appreciated. So, this Father’s Day, let’s celebrate the amazing dads in our lives and shower them with the love and recognition they deserve!