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Parents of children with cancer know more than anyone about the feeling of powerlessness brought on by a cancer diagnosis, and we all want to do something to help.  

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, here are five things you could do today to help a young hero battling cancer: 

  1. Donate BloodDid you know that more than 34% of the blood supply is used for cancer patients? Some cancers, especially blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, cause low red blood cell counts. Chemotherapy treatment can also cause anemia, so blood donors can support patients through treatment by giving their red blood cells.
  2. Donate Platelets—Platelets are one of the major components of your blood, helping to form clots to stop bleeding. Cancer patients need platelets because of low blood cell counts due to chemotherapy or from blood loss during surgery. Because platelets have a shelf life of just five days, they are constantly needed.
  3. Advance ResearchResearchers are working every day to discover cures and new therapies for cancer patients. You can help advance different types of research in South Texas by joining South Texas Blood & Tissue’s research registry. Putting your name on the registry means you will be contacted if or when you qualify for a specific research study, and you can choose to participate or not.

    Help kids like nine-year-old Mia, who is battling leukemia.
  4. Host a Blood Drive “In Honor of”Do you know a child who has cancer or lost their battle with cancer? You can help by encouraging your network to #EndtheBloodShortage and donate in honor of that child at a blood drive. South Texas Blood & Tissue staff can help you work out the details.
  5. Spread Awareness—Most people don’t know how much cancer patients rely on blood donations, but you can help change that. Talk to your friends and family, post on social media, and follow @connectforlife to share our blood donation content for your community to see.  

There’s more than one way to give from the heart! Visit to learn more.

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