Dino-Love: Three Reasons to Visit the Witte If You LOVE Dinosaurs

Our house is a paleontology clearinghouse, home to dinosaur encyclopedias, puzzles, LEGO dinosaurs, fact cards, and drawings. From the moment my oldest could talk, dinosaurs have been such a part of our daily lives that I would feel a bit lost without them. We’ve recreated the Triassic and filmed its recreation during the pandemic, visited dinosaur exhibits across the globe, and discussed, at length, the possibility of paleontology as a viable career path. Dinosaurs are life. Well, at least a huge portion.

The Lizard King

Recently we revisited the Witte Museum to do a local deep dive into dinosaur culture. Here are the best reasons why you should too.

  • Antarctic Dinosaurs: A Forest Frozen in Time: This special exhibit opened mid-February and is all things Jurassic Antarctica. You’ll love exploring the fossil displays throughout, with factoids galore pairing them with the different areas of geographic exploration. We loved the 25-foot Cryolophosaurus the best, but loved learning about how this modern-day frozen tundra was once home to lush forests and sauropodomorphs. The exhibit runs through September 10, so there’s still plenty of time to add it to your activity mix (especially for summer!).
  • The Naylor Family Dinosaur Gallery offers a local glimpse into what Texas residents might have looked like 110 million years ago. An expansive Quetzalcoatlus greets visitors in flight overhead with its massive wingspan. And our personal favorites, Deinosuchus, T-Rex, and Protostega, engage all the senses and captivate all ages with their enormity of size and the digital interactives paired with each model.

  • Got fossils? Adjacent to the Naylor Family Dinosaur Gallery is the Dino Lab. Littles (and bigs) will enjoy their own fossil excavation. Using brushes and other tools, spend time unearthing what might be an incredible discovery.

Whatever the level of dino-love in your pack, the Witte Museum is a fantastic place to spend (air-conditioned!) time learning and exploring. Pro tip: The Witte is always free for kids three and under, and it’s free for everyone on Tuesdays from 3:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m.

The Witte Museum, 3801 Broadway, SATX. Opens Monday–Saturday at 10:00 a.m.; noon on Sunday. Plan your visit and purchase tickets here.

Jacey Blue Renner
Jacey Blue Renner is a freelance writer & poet who holds an MFA from Lesley University. Most recently you can find her work in San Antonio Magazine. As a USAF spouse, she has moved extensively with her family, but would've stayed in the UK (the island love of her life), forever. She uses words & running to keep her grounded. Her boy crew is an inspiration on how to live fully. Currently stationed in SATX, her family is her complete heart. Favorite Restaurant: La Fonda on Main. Favorite Landmark: The Pearl. Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Battle of FlowersParade.